Problem with the triangle?

I have a student in my class who is 6'2 and weighs about 145 lbs.he has long thin legs and when he tried applying the triangle choke on another student last night he was applying the choke in textbook fashion but for some reason it wasn't having an effect on his opponent.The guy he was grappling was 5'8/125 if that accounts for anything.

Is there something special he needs to do to modify the choke due to his lankiness?Is the problem not really with him but with the fact that he was going against a much smaller opponent?What can he do to correct this problem?Thanks,Miller

lol at 6'2 and 145 lbs

I'm 6'2" and 165lbs, I have a bit of trouble finishing people too. I tend to need it at the perfect angle and to squeeze my legs together tightly as well. I do think tho that it didn't help that you have 2 skinny guys there.

With that skinny of legs he has to make sure it cuts right behind the neck. If it goes anything over the shoulder the small size of his leg won't cut any blood. Also he may try lets say his right leg is cutting behind the neck and under his left knee. Take his right hand squeeze it between the opponent's neck and his left leg and grab the back of his right ankle. Sometimes this takes up slack for me. I'm 5'9" 145lbs.

lordseano,the area I live in is full of a different culture.Most of the people around here go to a college that is based on transcidental meditation.They are mostly vegatarians and eat only organic food.Most of them do not believe in physical labor and their school doesn't have a football or wrestling team but they are the number one school in teh state at chess.

being 215 lbs I stick out like a sore thumb.I am on a 90% red meat diet and I work like a horse in the gym and at my job.Their lifestyle is odd to me just as mine is to them.However there is nothing I can do to beef either of these guys up because that is their lifestyle.It'd be like trying to convert the Amish to being Muslims.It's the only life they have ever known so having them put on weight is not an option.There has to be another option for them to work this technique though.

fullofbs,we will try that on thursday.Thanks

Estan Milko is right, squeze your knees together. Also, try pushing the trapped shoulder deaper across his throat and then using both hands to pull the back of his head toward you.

One of my guys had the same problem until he understood that your supposed to be perpendicular to your opponents. Of course if you underhook a leg in MMA or get to perpendicular you will get punched. As said above it helped him allot when I told him "Imagine your trying to squeeze your knees together and pinch his head off"

One of the guys at afa is 6'2 and 145. His triangle is amazing. I would say the key would be to make sure he gets completely perpendicular once the triangle is applied so the leg is completely on the neck and not on the back or shoulder.

I'm 5'11" and 210 and I just can't seem to sink a triangle good. It's not flexibility, because i've got pretty good stretch. I've always thought it was because i've got kinda thick quads. Maybe my technique suxs.

The opponent can make a difference. If there neck is too small, it can be hard to get the legs that tight. I tried to triangle my former 100 pound girlfriend and could get it to work...the end result was good...but that's another story....

Miller your still generalizing way too much on the MIU boys. I havent been there in many years but comparing them to Amish is silly. They are always on the cutting edge of science, medicine etc..and live very much in the modern world. I have been a vegitarian fo almost 30 years and right now am 6 foot and 200 pounds. They have an enormous weight room and are there were quite a few workout freaks when i was there. I think its cool that some are doing mma or just bjj.
Btw i think they are not much ito contact sports but do tennis swiming ect..But the fact that some find thier way to shows that some are into contact.
Most were not raised this way incidently but found it a vastly improved way of life over thier former suffering lifestyle. Its based on a validated scientific meditation technique not dogma or religion.
Im not sure about thier proclivity towards an easy lifestyle, but when i was back there for a year and a half i worked construction daily in some fucked up weather. Most of the modern campus was built by the worker bees.
Any way no biggie. Hevent been part of the TM thing for many years just try to give a more balanced view...
John Christian

i'm 6'5" and 120 lbs so i know what you mean. i think it's the lack of size in our upper legs that make it hard to sink the choke in. i've been hitting the weights alot for my legs to bulk up. i used to be 115.

Bushhog,I wasn't comparing them to the Amish.I was saying that trying to convert their lifestyle was like trying to convert the Amish to Islam.In other they are set in one way and would not accept another lifestyle that they aren't used to.

Also I don't know what they had when you were there but their weight room is about the size of my garage. Those that are serious about working out go to the Roosevelt Rec center on Hiway 34 due to the lack of facilities at MUM(formerly known as MIU).My point was that these guys aren't going to get any bigger unless they alter their lifestyle.they will have great cardio but will never be physically powerful or gain any size at their current rate.There's nothing wrong with that,that's the way they are.I'm only trying to find a way to modify their techniques due to their physical limitations.

There are of course exceptions to this such as Frank Pinto,a personal trainer at Roosevelt.Frank is 55 and is a top amateur/senior bodybuilder and the guy is huge.You would think he was only 35 by looking at him.He goes to the domes everyday and also strongly believes in TM yet at the same time he knows the importance of beef and eats quite a bit of it on a regular basis.


try cutting the 45 degree angle for your triangle. With bigger legs their harder to get directly behind the neck and the shoulder protects the opponent from getting completely choked. Spin at the same angle you would hit an armbar from guard just make it a triangle.

bulking up really helps.


Another thing i forgot that helps me is i really lift my hips when doing the triangle. That way my knee joint is really putting pressure on the neck. The triangle is almost super tight before i even put my foot under the knee.

Hope this helps,

I'm 5'11" and 155. I have no problem with the triangle, it and the rear naked are great for lanky people. My big problem is leverage on straight arm lock from the guard and leg locks.

Miller: Sounds like my problem... My friend I am training is 6'2 130-140 pounds.

lol even more at 6'2 and 120. You must look anorexic.

I am 6'2 and 195 and I look pretty lanky