Problem with the triangle?

get an angle dont get too squared up with it

with this guys body type i would also say work on striking and escaping bad positions

Send them to Tai Chi

i m sure u all know to raise your hips and pull the head down

Big props to any fighting thread that mentions "Amish" and "Maharishsi University."

Good tips on this thread. Also, have him try these (assuming his right ankle is figure-foured behind his left knee for the triangle): 1. drop his left heel down towards his butt. 2. flex the toes of his right foot up, like he's trying to curl them back into his shin. 3. push his left knee in towards the head/neck of his partner to take away any space that's open. 4. squeeze thighs together like a Thighmaster.

All this on top of getting off to the side so the right leg is on the back of the neck, controlling the guy's right arm, and pulling like mad on his head should get him to tap or pass out. If not, I recommend standing up out of guard and scrambling for a firearm, cuz the guy you've wrasslin' is in fact the Creature from the Black Lagoon.


Brandon Bledsoe is built that way and it actually seems to enhance his triangle. Casey Oxendine

"get an angle dont get too squared up with it
with this guys body type i would also say work on striking and escaping bad positions "

I had to learn the hard way about keeping square so that was the first part of it that I coverred.the guy is at the right angle I think he is just too lanky and will get the hang of itover time.

As for striking and bad positions this is the part he is best at.We do grappling on tuesday and kickboxing on thursday and due to his height and reach the guy has a great reach and great hand speed.Plus to top it off he's a southpaw.Kickboxing is his first love but he knows that he exposes himself when striking so he is working on striking and grappling quite a bit.He has gotten good at avoiding the takedown and has some decent takedowns on his own but wants to do the submission game in case he does get stuck on his back.He's pretty smart about this for only being 19.he has a pretty open mind about training in the gym now if I could just get him to hit the weights for a while he'd be going somewhere.

who are you calling anorexic???


Just have him switch to the armbar! ;)

Clayton, here's the trick to fix it that I don't think has been mentioned here...

Say he has his right leg across the back of the neck and hooked in the crook of his left knee.

I see a LOT of people making the mistake of hooking the knee directly over the ankle. What he shoud do is move that knee as high up his right shin as he can toward his right knee. This will make the hole smaller and in turn make the overall choke tighter. This coupled with the angle, pulling the head and lifting the hips should do it. Also remember, a LOT of people try to tighten the triangle by simply pulling downwards with the knee that is trapping the "ankle". The trick is to squeeze the knees together.

Hope this helps.

or they could just move the leg on the shoulder to the other side for an armbar ... just a thought.

i'm 6'2" and 270 and when I try it on guys my size I can hardly get my ankle hooked....guess things are tough all over.

I don't want to post it but I am 6'3 and 155. THe trianlge is my best move. I can help!

I'm 6'2 but 215, and my thighs are pretty thick. Even with your leg over the shoulder more than the neck as long as you force his head into the choke, he'll squirm which will allow you to pivot a little to get the 45 degree angle or more to then cut over the back of his neck.

I used to wonder why during triangles instructors would say 'just hold the head down', when I was working to lock the foot under the knee or just work myself into better position. Better to force you're opponenet to move and capitalize on it.


you find the weirdest threads sometimes...

"i'm 6'5" and 120 lbs.."

Are you a professional musician? I'm pretty sure i saw your pic on the side of a cd case.

I am now 6'1", 205lbs and my triangle is fine. However, when my training began, I was 6'1 and 170lbs or so... It was a bit harder to get the finishing skills down, but very easy to lock up the hold. This is an advantage... get used to getting the move in position until you learn to finish it. Don't abandon the hold simply because it isn't finishing yet.

Learn to transition to an umaplata or armlock, or learn to switch to a reverse traingle and neck crank them.

Eventually, the triangle just kinda happens.. live and learn. They'll make the transitions themsleves.

rolijuju- I saw your fight I think in the UK, and great fight, but your are a total beanpole at 155, the guy who is 6' 2 and 120lbs must look like a concentration camp victim

6'5'' and 120 pounds. Holy Shit that is lean. You need a BigMac like right now.