Problems at XFO

Ok I heard some rumors about some very bad calls at the XFO on the Raphael Assuncao and Jeff Curran fight.

To the point that the ref, 2 of the judges, and other key people where part of Curran's camp and make everything possible for Jeff to win.  Even a BAD stand up when raphael was mounted for a few secs adn ready to tee off on Jeff.

Now all this is second hand, could someone please fill me in!!!!!!

horrible if true

The Ref was fucken terrible Assuncao had about 7 piss poor stand ups I can remember Jeff had 1 that I would call a shitty stand up.. The Ref even told Jr Assuncao brother to stop coaching his brother so loud or he would take a point the guy was an ass clown. The fight needs to happed again in a different promotion so Assuncao can get a fair shake.

The dirty weasel Monte Cox and big frog. Manipulation of character is easiest when you can promise the weak minded what they desire.

If Curran wanted to get an easy win on this show, they would not have chose Raphael Assuncao to fight him. He could of fought a nobody like many others do when they fight in their home crowd, but he didn't he took the challenge. There's other threads on here with Big Frog expaining the fight. Don't beleive everything you hear!


I believe what I saw.


Give it up guys!

Who was the ref?

I think all the refs and judges should have a certification too. There should be some set standards. I think UFC has some of the worst judges, a few of them are boxing judges and should not be judging mma at all. I watched a movie last night with my kids called "Stick It" (or something like that) It was about gymnastics competition, the movie showed alot of politics behind the judging, lower scores because that judge didn't like that girls coach, this judge new that girls parents, and stuff like that is always going to be an issue no matter what sport it is. But I feel if there should be some sort of standard or rules on judging and reffing too.
If one judge is an old wrestler, he's going to look at the takedown as more agressive, if the judge is a boxer
he's going to look at the 2-3 punch combo more agressive
In order to ref a soocer, football, volleyball, need to take a certification course and pass a test. There's nothing to my knowledge that is set up for mma. I think there should be.`
I also think there should be a certification course for judging mma. Just some thoughts.

sounds like raphael got screwed, only positive thing he proved was he showed everyone he's ready for the world class guys at 145 which most of us already knew . congrats and hopefully there will be a rematch

Good fight, some strange calls. Incredibly impressed with Assuncao. We'll have a feature on the event up this week at InsideFighting. E-mails can be sent to

shit definitely got fucked but i don;t think there was a conspiracy to have jeff win.

that being said, if you're a co-promoter of an event you should go ahead and hire judges that you are not affiliated with. Suspicions are already high enough.

Two Curran fights in a row with controversial decisions.

"Two Curran fights in a row with controversial decisions."

you are correct

Curran LOST that fight! He was taken down repeatedly at Rafael's will. He looked like a beaten cat in that cage. No way he deserved a 29-27 decision. When your home crowd boo's your win, that says something.


Again, I do not know all the details. But Raphael is a good guy and trains hard, works harder, and deserves a fair shot in any show.

I do not know if there was any foul play, but if there was is a sad day for MMA.

3t for some inside scoop.  Hopefully is just bad reffing and judges.  And if Jeff really deserved the win congrats.