PRoblems ordering pride fc

Are anyone else having problems ordering Pride FC? I try to order and it sais problems ordeing and a phone # to the cable company, and it is only a answering machine.

I guess only me, this sucks.

Same here man. Just got off the phone with some Cablevison Techie talking to me like I'm a moron (and swearing I'm the only one with a problem....)

See my Time Warner Cable sucks thread . Your not alone

My carrier is Cablevision of Morris. They suck too...force me to take digital cable, then the crap doesn't work 1/2 the time anyway. Then I have to jump through hoops to get credits...

I hate more than anything else cable companies not ahving someone on call when a big event is slated. Like WWE Events for example when I used to have reg cable I couldnt order them on Sunday themself, and when I ordered it before hand I ran the risk of somnething not going through. Now with Dish Netowrk I just order online and it is perfect.

I had a similar problem when I tried to order the last UFC ... turns out that I was late paying the cable bill ... couldn't get anyone at the cable company on the phone at the number provided so I high-tailed to the closet bar showing it ...

Where do you guys order from? I Order from Black Hills Fibercom in South Dakota.

see if they have a website you maight be able to order from

I have auto pay so the bill should not be a problem.

Can not order form the web-page either, fuck.

Im in north florida and fuck it. I already read the results so its no biggie but the fact is i should be able to order. I gettin Direct tv back now for sure.-

I know the results to but I still want to see the fights, the cable company called and said we should be able to order it 10pm, they did not say why we could not order it at 6.30pm. So hoping for that.