Problems w/Prelims??

Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the prelims on ufc's site. I have ordered several ppv's in HD from them in the past and a couple times have gotten the prelims free since i ordered the ppv more than 24 hours out.

The PPV's have always streamed smoothly and have never had a problem with them, but both times when i went to watch the prelims the next day they lagged really badly or would stop to buffer every few seconds, making it basically unwatchable.

Last night i did not order the ppv on my computer as i watched it at a friends house, but this morning i have paid for 2 different prelims and both are doing the same shit the prelims did before.

So yeah....anyone experience this?

Also, i have talked to 2 different people on their online chat/help and neither could do anything, both said they aren't showing any problems with any of the prelims, lol.

 Problem?  Too many judges' decisions.  For heaven's sake, you call yourself a fighter, take a risk or two and finish the fight.

 i trued watchin the free prelims at and it sucked, mostly buffering