Problems with RANKED

A friend of mine had a good showing at the NAGA Worlds in 04 and decided he was going to make a run for the yearly RANKED points championship. He went to a bunch of tournaments and racked up alot of points, which he kept constant track of through

Problems started to arise when he found he was entered as several different people - all with the same name, but sometimes under different schools. This is obviously an error in record keeping. This also happened to another guy from my school, who got points under the same name, but under different clubs, and also with a mispelling of his name.

So my friend was way ahead on points once the name thing finally got sorted out. But then he wasn't, because a girl had more points than him in the ADULT MALE no gi division. Which is a little odd, since she's A GIRL. So that got straightened out, we thought, although she's still in the top 15 for no-gi men for the year.

So the competitive year comes to an end, and suddenly, though he was sometimes ahead by like 400 points, my friend is in 5th. How he went from leading the field to 5th I don't understand - unless it was a huge math error.

The fact is, he may have been 5th all along. That's immaterial at this point, but my guess is that his situation is not unique when it comes to RANKED, and that big errors like this have happened to a lot of people who pay a lot of money to go to RANKED events.

SC7-If you have an issue you should be contacting the RANKED email address. They have corrected any issues that have been addressed. If people incorrectly spell their names or write down different schools on their registration forms for different tournaments, there could be issues. Please send an email if you think there is a data problem.