Product Review - HCK shorts

Often see threads requesting product reviews so I hope the following info is helpful.

This review is for HCK Loose fit shorts. I've used these shorts for about a week so these are my initial impressions.

My first thought when I wore them for the first time was, "wow these are comfortable." I have shorts that fit really snug like Sprawl and ones that fit really baggy like Team Punishment. The HCK's are in the middle ground of those two, not snug or baggy but just right IMO. Another feature I like that there is a couple of inches of elastic on both sides near the hip so these shorts will fit nicely even if your weight fluctuates a little.

I've used these shorts for grappling and muay thai and they've performed admirably. The loose fit allows me to kick freely without feeling restricted. There is a mesh lining on the inside of these shorts which keeps them from sticking to your skin if you or your opponent is sweaty. It also does a good job of wicking away the moisture so the shorts never really feel soaked or wet.

I've also worn these at the gym to workout in. Plenty of room to work legs-squats, deadlifts, etc.. These come in three colors: black, red, white. I bought the red and white pairs. They both look pretty cool but I really like the white pair with red stitching because they really stand out.

In conclusion, these are my favorite shorts out of the ones I own. HCK, Sprawl and Punishment all make great products and have excellent customer service. You can't go wrong with any of these companies. It just depends on what your needs are.

I hope this review is helpful. Any comments or questions are welcome.

I am not affiliated with HCK or anything other companies mentioned on this thread


Like you I have Sprawl, Punishment and HCK shorts. By far I like the HCK's best. I use them to train as well as wakeboard. But to be honest I prefer the Attitude board shorts for wakeboarding. They dry faster..LOL.

Serious though the HCK shorts are awesome for Muay Thai and Grappling.

HCK makes the best gear IMO.


Love the HCK shorts.(As well as all the HCK products)

By the way,check out the new HCK grappling shirts they are awesome!!

Agree 100%

I have HCK's loose-fit shorts and Sprawl. I like them both, but prefer the HCK.



Can someone post HCK's website?

You can get them at Howard's weird named site, I got mine from (ka-ching)

i like the shorts.