Professional trans athletes are all professional GRIFTERS

And the reason is very simple.

A person who needs to go through an extreme process of a sex change, both physical, mental, and emotional then claims at the exact same time that they are also a budding professional athlete looking to compete at the highest levels of competition.

These two prerogatives do not make any rational sense where they can co-exist. A sex change implies that the person is not confident to live their life in their own body - to the point of needing actual physical surgery to correct the mental health issues they face.

How can that same person, who is facing a constant uphill battle of both internal and external recognition also at the same time have the mental, emotional, and physical confidence to compete at the highest level of athletics?

These two ideas are a clear contradiction of each other and their deduction proves that the people who use this path are nothing short of houdini level grifters.


One day historians will look back on this issue and wonder how the fuck it got this weird.


I always thought they were true con-artists, just never quite put it into these terms. Good post OP


True enough but long story short they are just very mentally ill homosexuals …and need to be stopped!!

2020 was covid and somehow 2021 doesn’t feel that much better, just a lot more weird .

Real women will never win anything if they are competing against men.

Imagine if they start letting trans fight women in MMA or boxing? Jesus.

Umm Fallon Fox anyone?

He broke a chicks skull

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