Professor: 9/11 Was "Attack On Heteropatriarchal Capitalistic Systems... " Yada Yada


I didn’t catch covid or an std as far as I can tell. Consequence-free high-risk behavior hits different, bruh :sunglasses:

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Take that as a W, homie.

I don’t make uninformed decisions. I knowingly make bad ones lol

Academia has become a jobs program for people not smart enough to hold a normal job.


ttt to DISMANTLE the hetero-social-violence based institutionalized eurocentric prison planet so we can build the NONBINARY UTOPIA built on a foundation of FREEDOM and LOVE! Nothing screams freedom more than social credit systems, vaccine passports and late term involuntary state sponsored abortions.

I feel like as soon as I’m assigned to a good work camp I’ll be able to really contribute to BUILDING BACK BETTER.