Professor Wally Jay RIP

Last weekend my great uncle Wally Jay passed away at 93. I wasn't planning to post anything on the BJJ forum but decided to anyway to honor my uncle. And, because in the past we have had some discussions on this forum about Small Circle JuJitsu.

For many of you he was before your time. Before the Gracies became known in the US if you mentioned Jiu Jitsu you thought of him. He was one of the most influential martial artists who ever lived. He has openly shared his knowledge with people all over the world and I never heard him saw a bad thing about anyone. I could write pages about who he was or what he did, but for those of you interested in who he was you can google his name.

I remember talking to him about the Gracies after the first UFC and before I started training BJJ. He had high praise for them telling me that they had a superior training method. He meant the live rolling. He understood the effectiveness of realistic training because besides teaching Small Circle Ju Jitsu, he also taught Judo and used to do boxing when he was younger. He told me that he had a student training Gracie Ju Jitsu and was a purple belt. This purple belt was in a room full of Judo black belts and mowed through them. This is no big deal these days but back then before anyone knew what Gracie Jiu Jitsu was it was kind of a shock. I think this student was David Meyer, a black belt under my uncle and a black belt under the Machados.

One of my uncle's favorite techniques were finger locks. Here is a clip from his finger lock DVD. He liked finger locks because anyone of any size could do them. At the end of the video he does kind of a palming finger lock. It might look kind of hoaky but I assure you it is real. I know from first hand experience. There is no way you can escape once he gets you.

- Wayne Sniffen

Much respect to a great Master. RIP in Master Jay.

 A deep bow to a true master and pioneering martial artist. Rest in peace, Professor.

My condolensces for you loss.  I remeber reading your uncle's books years ago.  He was a fount of information when I started judo and grappling.   Rest in peace. 


Legends never die!

RIP he will live on through martial arts!

I trained with him as a teen some. He was a great person, very humble & controlled. Loved the Arts. Rest in Peace.


Training first in TMA the name of Wally Jay was one I quickly became acquainted with, and revered above all others. I love his books, his videos, and his wealth of knowledge. His legendary status as a great martial artist will live on. RIP Professor Wally Jay

Professor Wally Jay's Dance of Pain.

Can someone embed? thanks.

I attended various martial arts seminars in late 80's, early 90's, including several where Wally Jay was one of the instructors. He was a great man and a martial arts legend. RIP

Sorry for your loss. You are fortunate to be related to such a well respected martial artist!


Again, as I mentioned on the TMA Forum thread, very sorry for your family's loss.

Prof. Jay was well-loved and for good reason. He was the very epitome of a martial artist.

I was lucky enough to train with him a few times. He was just awesome w/ really deep knowledge and kind of a magic energy about him. When he put his hands on you it was an experience.

A true innovator and super humble human being with zero ego. He always had the demeanor of someone who was "just there to help out".

RIP Professor Jay.

Thanks everyone for all the great comments.

Bet you he's exchanging some moves with Professor Vee up on the big tatame in the sky! God bless the true martial arts masters...we miss you.

RIP Martial Artist

RIP Professor Jay - a true pioneer and man who lived a full life doing the thing he loved most.

93, he had a good productive run of it. Definitely left a great legacy.