Since it is a new year and we have a new forum format maybe we should all take time to make sure our profiles are updated?

Or am I just blowing chunks?

Chunks are being blown.


Thank you oh great white ninja...



Another fan of The Mighty Haru !!


Big words scare me.

Is this better?

Yes. Thank you.

Now if you will excuse me I still have to go change my shorts because I think I shat myself.

That is all.

I don't have an option to put my name next to FIGHTER: at the top of my profile. Is it because I'm already using my real name?

I dunno. I can't seem to use the "Quote" function either.

Maybe more bugs have to be worked out yet?

No chance my friend...that would remove anonymity...some guys need that to thrive in these types of fourms.

SDJ is correct. It is amazing how much 'noise' disappears when 'real name' transparency is effected :)

My picture has been updated.



JHR you disgust me lol

It what's on the inside Novagallia... :)

Fat people need lovin' too... ;)

JHR, you are easily twice the man I am.

Good GAWD!

JHR is one sexay biatch!

lol. what size gi do you wear?

He has them made by Omar the tentmaker.

JHR that makes a lot to love lol

"what size gi do you wear?"

The Rodrigo Munduruca signature series