Program switch = pain

Did Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" program for about 7 months, though with a couple short breaks here and there. Made unbelievable gains, esp. for a 40 year old dude who isn't very athletic and not especially trying to get into the Olympics or anything.

Started to hit the wall for my beginner phase, got to where I could barely do my work set reps for squats and bench, and adding weight would have been impossible. OK, no sweat, Rip has intermediate programs one can segue into.

But I figured WTH, I feel like doing something other than bench/squat/dead etc. for a bit. Maybe I can do Rip's "Texas Method" starting in January and try to get to 300/400/500 for bench/squat/dead, but until then, why not try something different.

I saw someone post "10in30" on here, looked like a pretty basic bodybuilding routine, though I question why it allows for bicep and tricep exercises on consecutive days without recovery. Anyway, gave it a whack - so far, have done the legs, chest, and back routines (shoulders routine is yet to come).

Jesus H. Christ, I had forgotten what it was like to be so sore! Something as simple as going from 3x5 to 3x8 (lighter weight, obviously) and doing multiple exercises per body part - it's Wednesday, and I can STILL feel the effects of the skullcrushers I did on Sunday.

Moral of the story - jumping to a BB routine for kicks is an ill-advised move, esp. for an old fart :-P


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