Program to convert .CBR to .PDF?

Anybody got anything that does it easy and in batches?

I just discovered the glory of .CBR torrents but would like them in an iphone friendly format. I don't have wifi, all of the iphone apps are gay/wont fuck with me.

Almost 100% sure Comic Rack will do that:

Negative. I have it and I don't see a convert to .PDF anywheres...

Negative. I have it and I don't see a convert to .PDF anywheres...

It will, I just tried it. Not very intuitive...

right click on your comic, and bring up the "export ecomics" menu, and click on the "export ecomics" button.

On the right, select the options you want, make sure you set the Export location so it won't write over your original file, and also select the file format to PDF.

After you've done that, on the left of the form, press "add" to add a new action. Name it "export to PDF"

You have to do it in this order for it to work. Once you have the new action, just right click and you should have an export to PDF option in the menu. Kind of a pain in the ass, but once you set it up, it's not too bad.

I clearly didn't explore my options well enough.

Thank you so much for the help.

Comic rack is such and incredibly powerful tool, but it has no documentation whatsoever.

CBR is just a RAR file renamed CBR (same goes for ZIP and CBZ). Just extract the jpgs from the RAR using WinRAR or 7zip or whatever, then combine them into a PDF.


Just spent 20 minutes on Google and got nothing bullshit answers. One search on MMA.TV and voila, answer solved.

I love you guys. No homo.

Are they free?

Calibre is free, I believe it should be able to convert in batches cbr to pdf or any other format. I haven't tried it though.

Calibre is also an ebook catalog program.

Comic Rack is also available for Android, and syncs with your pc like iTunes. There is a free version and pay version (~$6 or $7). The pay version lets you sync wirelessly.

 I read comics on my nook color all the time.  I use a program (free) called Comic to Epub.  It converts cbr/cbz files to epub.  Only one comic at a time, not in batches. 

I know this doesn't really answer the OP's question, but thought I'd still throw it out there for information's sake.

I ended up renaming all the CBR extensions to RAR and unzipping them to their original jpg files. Then merged them all in to a PDF with Gios PDF Merger.

Worked perfectly. Now I have comics on my iPod. Yaaaay.......although the format is kind of awkward for reading. I don't like having to scroll around to read.