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When do you guys do agility/footwork drills and how much do you do?

Would you do agility/footwork before or after lifting or before or after running or cardio.

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Generally speaking, you want to do them after a general warm-up but before any lifting or prolonged cardio.
As Leigh said, you don't want to do them when fatigued because they are designed to improve motor skills. So, you want 'perfect practice'.

However, the complexity of the drills is also a factor. The closer the activity is to the gross motor side of the spectrum, the more freedom you have regarding where it is placed in your routine.

For example, putting very basic footwork drills late in the workout under fatigued conditions may help simulate fight conditions without adversly affecting coordination or risk of injury.

However, using intricate patterns, advanced ladder drills, single leg hopping, etc. could be detrimental both in terms of performance, as well as potential for injury, if you are overly fatigued. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys. That helps. Take ladder drills, for instance. Is there a volume you recommend? Go for time? For sets?

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The main question is, as Leigh mentioned, is why you want to do ladder drills? What specific skill are you trying to train that you think ladder drills are an essential training tool?

Good question Chocolate Shatner. I'm looking for any way to build agility and foot speed to improve open guard passing when I have no partner to drill with. I'm a bigger guy and I usually pass low with pressure. Its not the techniques I'm after, I have that. Its improved coordination and foot speed. Thanks for your response.

IMHO Ladder drills, and most non-specific "foot-work" drills are a total waste of time. This comes up all the time when I work with soccer coaches. I tell them what's going to improve thier players performance more, an extra 20-30 minutes of ball mastery drills, or doing a ladder?

Leigh said it above " I don't think there is much/any carryover to anything else." He's right.

If you want foot work for MMA / fighting sports, work on the mechanics of the movements you need work on. If you are working for open guard passing, then that's what you need to need to be thinking about that...When are you gonna do the "Icky Shuffle"* during a fight?


*people do the Icky shuffle as a ladder drill a lot...

Good answers. Thanks.

Why not do guard passing footwork drills on a heavy bag (on the floor) or on an exercise ball as part of your warm-up before running or lifting?