progress and besting PRs

As someone commented on another thread; breaking your own records is nice.

I did my best set of squats ever last Monday: 330x4. I was gonna try 335 tonight but my knee was hurtin' after cardio so I blew it off. sux0r :-(

I also just matched old PR on the deadlift (after almost a year off from lifting) @ 420, last Friday.

Short-term goals are to squat 400 and deadlift 500... gonna take some time, but I think both are doable.

Breaks sometimes help it seems. I just did the snatch the other
day and worked my way up to 146 pounds. This is a new PR for
me in the snatch.

I haven't even been doing the snatch for a year yet and It's also
not too bad because I haven't had any coaching whatsoever.

There seems to be a time to bust your butt every day and a time
to take longer breaks.