Progressing faster in Texas

I came up with the idea for this thread after reading TexasThai's thread "Guys, I need to vent". I also thought that Mr. Potato came off too harsh and didn't really speak for the rest of us forum members. While some of the other forums here don't like too many questions (been there, done that), this forum has been one of the most patient ones. So keep the questions coming and fuck the haters (not literally, unless you're into that).

I totally understand what that guy is going through, as all of us have gone through that and most of us go through it regularly. So things don't just become "better" and then never get "worse" again. There will occasionally be times that one wants to quit. If it's like that ALL the time, maybe it's just best to quit - why do something that makes you miserable? But the thing is, it's much more likely that this is just a phase, so just stick with it and things will be better.In fact sticking with it and not quitting is, in my opinion, the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO, if you want to get good at BJJ, or at anything for that matter. Those training partners of yours that are better than you right now - they will probably quit in the near future - let's face it, SO many people just drop out of training for various reasons. They might come back, but if YOU have been training in the meantime, perhaps you will now be just as good, or better, than them.

In addition, I like TexasThai's thread, because they remind me of the times when I was starting out. They are a fun read. When a beginner tells me that "THIS WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!", I always say or think "I TOLD YOU SO, DUDE!!". It's just a sharing of the feelings most of us experience from this sport/asskicking self defence art.

But here is something that you, or anyone, can do to speed up the process a little in your journey to become a "killer on the mat":

  1. Constantly educate yourself in BJJ OUTSIDE of your gym. Study instructionals in the form of books, tapes and the internet to learn more about the art. Think about BJJ. Just don't lose your dayjob over those thoughts ;)

  2. When you are drilling your moves in your class, after having done the move several times with no resistance, have your partner resist just a little bit. Tell him just to MOVE AROUND kind of randomly, left and right, up and down and not too fast. Actually, he's not really resisting that much as much as just moving. This will give you a) the timing you need to execute the move, b) experience what it's like to do the move against A MOVING OPPONENT (which is what will definitely happen in sparring), c) realize why the various components of the move are important (which you wouldn't really see if he's not resisting) d) learn to spot WHEN there is an opening for the move (it's VERY common for beginners to see an opening for a move in sparring, but execute the move too late and then the opportunity will be gone. This excercise helps you with this A LOT).



wow great post jonpall! i really appreciate the support, again it makes it easier on me knowing that you guys have gone through the same things.

after my first day of MT about 3 years ago, i left so exhausted, hurt, my head was aching, my legs were sore from being Thai Kicked by my intstructor.

i left that day loving every second of it, i did that same training for 3 years, although it wasn't always easy getting up and going, i made myself do it, and i loved the way i felt after wards.

BJJ is something that has interested me for some time now, now that i am training and "seeing" if you will, i love this just as much if not more than Muay Thai.

Although i cant read the future quitting is never an option for me in anything i do in life, i have committed to BJJ in my head, shit i cant even GET IT OUT of my head, let alone want to quit.

But the fact remains that yes, i know there will be MORE times when i question my training, i did in MT i know it happens during training. But yes i do need support when i get like that, i cant help the fact that i need to be pushed, sometimes.

Mike and i did square everything away, and i do understand where he was coming from, but i think he chose the wrong person to express that towards.

anyways, its all good, i will surely be back asking more questions as my training progresses, there is actually a tournment in February i wouldn't mind competing in, even if i get tapped right away, but again I AM IN THIS FOR THE LONG RUN.

thanks for the support.