Progressing to fast exercise in BB


I understand the principle for progressing along the series of forms, but I am a little unsure about when to progress to the fast routine. At one point on the tape, it sounds as if the fast routine comes after you have gone through all the slow forms. But in explaining the fast routine, you say to stick with whatever form you have mastered in the slow routine.

Is there a recommended point to start trying the fast routine, or should I just try it every once and a while until I can do it without tension or strain and then proceed?




You can increase speed when you can comfortably achieve each 'ending component.' So until you can comfortably achieve ALL ending components to the biomechanical exercises in BE BREATHED, move ultra-slow.

Each ending component (such as the butterfly, the hurdler, etc...) progresses to the next, so you can increase speed once you become comfortable with the first ending component, but until you become comfortable with the second ending component, then do not increase speed beyond the first. Does that make sense?



Thanks for the clarification and the great product, Scott.

BB has more to it than at first appearance. Doing a couple reps of the first form is hard, but doing ten in a row at the 30-30 pace is much more difficult.