A Los Angeles guaranteed income program will give people $1,000 per month for 3 years.

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Fuck communism!


Is California even solvent?

Anything to get people to stay.

Great! It’s not like we don’t have a ton of people already taking advantage of unemployment and welfare benefits. I don’t see how this can fail.

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Sounds like it’s a research program, so not tax dollars…but the way it keeps saying “Los Angeles County” makes me wonder.

I suspect we’ll see rumblings about this in mid to late 2024 up here in Canada. With the NDP and Liberal coalition Jagmeet Singh will be looking to use his “power” to get it and the Liberals are already in scramble mode trying to save their hold on the government of Canada so they’ll start talking about it close to the election.

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Floppy needs his thousand!

The people eligible aren’t leaving with all the free shit they get here.

Didn’t we just learn that “free” gubment monies ends up biting us in the ass later?

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Alaska already does something like this and Alaska is a thoroughly conservative state.

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Edit: wtf do I know

Lol, you googled that shit before I schooled your ass. :wink:

No I didn’t, I posted that assuming you were talking about the oil dividend and I wouldn’t consider that the same thing but then I thought maybe he’s talking about something else.

It’s not “exactly” the same thing but it is basically state “welfare” i.e. citizens getting money from the government for free. I know it’s because of the oil in Alaska though.

Andrew Yang proposed something similar on a federal level but he was proposing to have the corporate tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, etc… would pay for it since they basically mine our data and information for free and turn a huge profit off of it anyway.

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Ya I’m sure drug addicts with behavioral programming which they physically, mentally, and emotionally cannot escape will be a lot better off getting GUVMENT handouts.

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That’s an entirely different issue.

I’m thinking this is to help combat the high cost of living in that area.

That little bit of financial relief will probably knock down at least some of the petty crime from people who feel like they need to steal just to put food on the table or pay for medicine.

Who here couldn’t use an extra 1k a month? I doubt any of you would say no to it.

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Weird that it ranks behind (better) than Texas in dependency on the federal government. Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama too.

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My step dad is from Texas. He also flew a confederate flag, voted republican and collected welfare.

Go figure.

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