Project/Object plays FZ - Montana

Wow, that Keneally is somethign else.
Before I saw ZPZ they were the best tribute band FZ I'd seen. Unfortunately (or as usual, for me) the special guest (Ike at the time) was stopped at the border or some such nonsense so I saw the barebones band. Really amazing performance. The club was really small and they wanted a $70 cover, so I weaseled up at the 2nd set and they let me in free because of the no-show. I don't think it would have been worth the cash even if Ike had shown up.

But truthfully, Montana I never got. I never found it funny or musically very interesting compared to his other material. If it wasn't for whipping floss, I wouldn't have no floss at all.

But at least I got ya coming 'round on Keneally ;-) Or, uh "Kneely" on the vid.

Yeah, "whipping floss".... YCDTOSA 2 is the shiznit.

And for those who want to get to the guitar solo... there's about a minute and a half starting at 3:31 or 3:32. Only time I've ever seen Keneally play a Les Paul

"But at least I got ya coming 'round on Keneally ;-) Or, uh "Kneely" on
the vid."

I'm slowly coming around, I'll have to crack out his cds and give him
some more airplay soon. So much music, so little time!

I was slow to warm to Keneally, too. When his music clicked, though, I became convinced he's one of the great treasures in music. The whole MK Band is great (whichever drummer that might include...)