Project Veritas, FBI agent/whistleblower

Had not seen this posted (I searched). What is surprising is there are still a few people in the FBI with integrity:

What sucks is I do not find this at all surprising.


FBI already knows who that whistleblower is. Clinton’s are likely on the case.


FBI has been taken over by party boys.

From here fwd there is no accountability from the leftist mafia.

Stick a fork in us

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It sucks but I agree. Unless R’s get the presidency again (unlikely unless voting laws are changed) and completely dismantle/rebuild the 3 letter agencies, partisanship in law enforcement is not going away.


Crazy, it’s wild what these intelligence agencies can get away with


I am blown away this is not a bigger story… If you search google news, “Veritas FBI whistleblower” literally nothing comes up. I assume the MSM is just dismissing this as ‘disinformation.’ It is wild to think a career FBI agent would risk everything to speak up.

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I posted this yesterday.

My bad, I searched “Veritas” and “FBI” and didn’t find anything.

How can that be true! Top men built this site!

Boring. Come back when you have a video of somebody chugging baby blood.


R’s aren’t doing shit either, they are the exact same and they love strong federal agencies…

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I looked at your posting history and your post title was “FBI Investigating Journalist.” Top men need to work on their search algorithm.

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I believe you. Sorry if I came off as petty and cantankerous even though I am.