prolo help

anybody have any stories to share about prolotherapy

i've got a herniations in my lumbar spine and considering this treatment.

but the treatment is up to $500 per treatment so i dont want spend money i dont have.

i'd sell blood for enough money if i thought it was worth it.

any help would be great.

Unproven,expensive, no science behind it: go to a conventional doctor instead for further information.

I had several prolotherapy treatments for tendinitis in my wrist.  It helped better than anything else did, but it doesn't appear I will ever be 100%.  I'm in my early 50s, I think it would work better on someone younger.  I'm glad I did it.  I tried 25 Acupuncture treatments and it didn't help at all.  Good luck.

Gary Hughes

been there, done that.

i'm looking for the unconventional.

from my research ligaments are main thing prolo is for; which i feel is my main problem.

so i just need some real world testimonals to push me to at least try it.

lol at comparing to accupuncture, even less science behind it.


how many treatments did you have and what was the cost?

i'm in ohio and doc's here are charging $500 per large joint.

i'm willing to drive for a good deal.

i'm 26 so maybe i'd have a better chance of healing.

'lol at comparing to accupuncture, even less science behind it.'

just because something uncoventional doest mean it doesnt have merit.

conventional medicine can be just a much quackery, i know i'm in the field.

conventional docs tend to shun things that are different cause 'its not what i learned in medical school' and it cuts into profits, so i'm no ready to call bs. yet.

Totally untrue: if no good randomozed studies show a benefit, pure anecdotal evidence is not sufficient. Believe what you want, check out the website and seaarch prolotherapy for a full discussion of the randomized studies. We shun things unproven and readily accept well researched therapies: no, medicine is not perfect, and some are out to make as much money as possible, but most Docs really care and want the best for the patient

toelocku...It cost approx. $350 per visit, plus another $65 for Prolo Max to go with it.  The first visit which included consultation was more.  I did a thread on the UG and got lots of testimonials from people who were cured.  It's painful especially on my wrist.  Probably won't hurt as much on a large joint. 

howardo...I still go to Acupuncture if I need it.  It just didn't work on my wrist.  It worked like a miracle on my tennis elbow that your friends the convential doctors couldn't seem to cure.  I also cured the bursitis in my right shoulder with Glucosamine Sulfate.

Gary Hughes

Has anyone ever improved an injury with rest and conventional treatment?


most doc do want the best for there patients but most docs dont get into any thing that wasnt learned in med school.

the whole idea behind pro is to stimulate collegen through inflammation. inflammation is what heals the body so the logic is there.

i'm not saying if does work but i've got an open mind.

most doc just give you some antinflammitorys which is counterproductive and doent allow the joint to heal up like it should.


thanks for you input and do you know anyone else with similar results?

i tend to agree that there merit to at least try it. what state are you in? it'd be worth the cash to drive to different state if i could find a good doc.

I had prolo done on my wrist and the second nuckle on my middle finger. Both are much better, but neither is 100%.

My doctor did not believe that it could heal damaged cartlidge, but that it could strengthen the ligaments that support the joint, thereby giving the joint more stability(as in my finger).

He also does not feel that it would help a degenerative disc.

Well worth it in my case. I'd do it again if needed.

By the way, sessions were around $100.

Any therapy that is effective would be easily able to be proven legitimate by a simple controlled experiment. Show me one unbiased study on this treatment. Every single supplement and health food supplement has testimonials and unsubstantiated anecdotal responses but we know that the far majority are useless, just the way it is,boys

'Has anyone ever improved an injury with rest and conventional treatment?'

rest is good but the conventional focuses on the symptoms not the problem.

which in my case is ligament degeneration. so prolo might be up my ally.

cortisone doesnt work, fusions dont work so as far as i'm concerned this is my last hope.

i wish conventional med. could help me but i dont see anymore options.

By the way, if you cause scar tissue to form you would cause loss of motion of a joint, again, the scientific basis is invalid and incorrect. Scar tissue would inhibit a ligament, not allow it better motion. Just the truth

Dude, herniations of the spine is a serious condition, with potential long term serious neurological problems; I understand the frustration, but see a good neurosurgeon and get a real valid opinion. I have 4 ruptured discs in my neck and understand the frustration, a long road to recovery that will never be perfect; good luck, I am just trying to help, I am very experienced in the field

75 why did you doc think that prolo wouldnt help the low back.

i could see how that it wouldnt help disc slipping and nerve damage but what it will do is stablize the ligaments around the disc so there is no more slippage.


a doc once told me he could make a study mean anything the person paying him wanted it too.

medicine is an imperfect science so sometimes word of mouth can be helpful in at least trying something new when there are no options left.

Before I took Glucosamine Sulfate my shoulder hurt most of the time.  Now it never bothers me, unless I stop the Glucosamine.

Same with Acupuncture, it has worked for thousands of years.  American Doctors don't want to lose the business.

Totally untrue, I said an unbiased study. Word of mouth leads thousands of people a year to other countries for bizarre cancer treatments; desperation is the charlatans friend. Again, good luck but you need to understand the truth


prolo doesnt cause scar tissue it causes inflammation that triggers new collegen formation with helps the body heal itself.

sorry to hear about your problem with your cervical spine.

i have 3 maybe 4 lumbar discs that have been injured over many years of weight and mma training.

so i know what its like.

go google prolotherapy and read a little and maybe try it for yourself.

couldnt hurt.