Prolotherapy Update #2/Question

As some of you know, I have been having Prolotherapy treatments for the Tendinitis in my left wrist and I wanted to give an update as promised. My wrist seemed to get better with each treatment in the beginning, but now I have stopped progressing and even gone a little bit backwards. I was at the point where I could train with my Bubba Dummy as hard as I wanted with no pain. I was able to take 3 private BJJ lessons and had a little stiffness and tightness each time. Recently, I have hurt myself a couple of times just by grappling with the dummy and weight training. If I didn't want to grapple, I would probably be done with treatment. I am stubborn.

I feel that Prolotherapy has helped my wrist a lot, but it is still too weak for grappling. I spoke with my doctor regarding things I could take to supplement my Prolotherapy treatments. I was considering trying injections of Human Growth Hormone, but I would need to take a blood test first and it is very expensive from what I have heard. My doctor told me to take a Human Growth Hormone precursor, which helps the body produce it's own HGH. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Prolotherapy and HGH or with the HGH precursor that my doctor has recommended. I am taking UltraMAX HGH. You take one packet with water before bedtime for 5 days and take 2 days off.

She also recommended Fish Oil, Omega 3, capsules. I was already taking them, but we doubled the dose.

The last recommendation was Coenzyme Q10.

Dr. Alderman also had me take a blood test, to check my Thyroid. Apparently if the Thyroid level is low, it can inhibit healing.

Gary Hughes

BTW, I am 51 years old. Prolotherapy would probably work better on someone younger. That is the reason why I was hoping for help from the HGH.

Note: I don't want to discourage anyone who could be helped by Prolotherapy. Even if my wrist doesn't get any better, Prolotherapy has made my wrist much better than it was and I'm glad I did it.

Gary Hughes

Hi Gary,

Where are you having it done, and how much does it cost? My shoulder is beyond screwed at this point and Im desperate to see it heal.



andre...I have been seeing Dr. Donna Alderman 1740 Broadview Drive Glendale, CA 91208. Her telephone number is (818) 957-3000. Dr. Alderman is very nice, explains everything clearly, is very highly trained and skilled. Joe Rogan is also a patient of Dr. Alderman.

It costs me approx. $250 per session and also another $50 per month for Prolo Max, which are vitamins that you take with your treatment. The first visit costs more, due to consultation. I think the first time is approx. $350, but it's been a while, so I'm not sure. You can get more information at

It's a pretty painful procedure, especially in the wrist. If you shoulder is like my wrist, the pain is nothing compared to what you have already endured.

I hope you have a speedy recovery, my friend.

Gary Hughes

BTW, I don't know what is wrong with your shoulder, but I used Glucosamine Sulfate to cure the Bursitis in my right shoulder. It hasn't bothered me in years.

Gary Hughes

Have you ever checked out Active Release Therapy?
I have had great results with it for various injuries.

Hi Gary,

Thanks so much for the information. I will try the glucosamine sulfate first, since it is cheaper and easier. I wish you a speedy recovery, as well.

Take care!


Grappula...I have heard a little about it, but not much. Please tell me more about it and how it has helped you. Thanks.

Gary Hughes

It's is a form of therapy that breaks up adhesions that form after an injury. These adhesions reduce range of motion and often cause pain. You can get good info if you google it. Just make sure if you decide to try it out that it is with a qualified practioner.

andre...I recommend pure Glucosamine Sulfate, I usually use TwinLab, 750 mg. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily, I recommend you double the dosage and take 4 dialy for the first 30 days. After 30 days, you can cut back to 2 per day. Don't expect any results for 30 days. Patience is a virtue.

It worked like a miracle for my shoulder, I take 1 capsule daily now and I've pain free for many years. I tried the Glucosamine Blends and the pain started to return. Our friend, Luca Beston, also had good luck with Glucosamine Sulfate. I hope this helps you.

Gary Hughes

Grappula...thanks for the response. I did a Google search on Active Release Therapy and it looked interesting.

Do you or anyone know if that is what Frank Shamrock had done for his back? I read in a magazine (I think Black Belt) about some type of treatment Frank Shamrock had and how it saved his fighting career, but I can't remember what it was called. It might have been Active Release Therapy.

Gary Hughes

3 X T


I've been on ACT for a couple of months and it has helped me tremendously with range of motion, pain etc...

If I recall correctly, you live in Downey. I get worked on at Hayes Sports Chiro in Lakewood, which is pretty close to you. It's inexpensive compared to $250 a session.


UD180...what is ACT?

Lakewood is very close and the cost of Prolo is very high. I'm going to continue with the Prolotherapy and see how it goes. I'm hoping these new ideas will make the difference. If the HGH stuff I'm taking doesn't work, I might check into going on the real HGH for a short time and having injections. I have heard that HGH costs over $1000 per month, but I'm not sure.

Gary Hughes

I also had Dr. Alderman for prolotherapy (but in her Berkeley office) about 8 months ago. I had a shoulder injury that lasted about 2 years, and wasn't getting better. Anytime I raised my arm straight up, it seems unstable and very weak. Because of this it was hard for me to train takedowns and go to block or double leg when i was turtled. After 4 treatments my shoulder felt about 90% back and now I'm able to do many movements i couldn't do before.

Prolotherapy saved me from having to get shoulder surgery again. Really helped heal up my rotator cuff (supraspinatus). It is expensive but it was worth it. I just purchased pharmaceutical(sp) grade fish oil. It is highly recommended by Dr.Sears. It is also very expensive. You can't get it at the health food store. It is supposed to help with inflammation/joint type problems. I have only been using it 1 week but most joint pain is gone. Still get mild pain after training hard but hopefully over time it will make a difference.

gokartmozart...thanks. I forgot what it was called, but I think it was ART. I wish I would have saved that old magazine!

Gary Hughes

scyman...Yes, she has an office in Berkley and one in Glendale. Best wishes in your recovery and training.

bio...glad to hear it worked for you. I'll have to check into the Pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Did you need a prescription or how do you find it?

Gary Hughes

Sam Pai Kempo, I have had VERY extensive prolotherapy treatments. I think I was on of the first on the forum to sing it's praises. I began using it as a form of injury treatment well over 5 years ago. I've been injected in fingers, toes, ankles, knees, hip, shouldrs, AC joints, lumbar spine, sacrum, elbows, and wrist. Obviously I think it's very effective if I put up with that many treatments. :)

Something I have noticed may be of help to your wrist. As you probably know the premise behind prolotherapy is to stimulate the body to produce more connective tissue than what would have been made without the use of the treatment. Well...the main "ingredient" in connective tissue is collagen. Plain old gelatin is almost all collagen. I have been supplementing gelatin for many years and notice a great difference in joint strength and it seems to have aided in my prolotherapy treatments as well.

I just buy a box of 30 single packets at the grocery store. Every morning I mix one packet with water and drink it down. It's a bit gritty, but well worth the results.

I'd forget about the HGH precursor. It's a total waste of time and money.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.