Promote youth safely in our sport

Looking for teenager to fight Pankration rules for may 20th card in TJ,mexico
points for strikes knees,fist,foot to body,
takedown with control,
Passing the Guard,
taking back,mount, sidemount with knee
Absolutley no strikes to the head!
Looking for 12-15 year old,115-150pounds depending on experience to compete against 12 year old 115 pounds
ammature pre-match



Who would the opponent be? I have a few kids that compete.

Cody Bollinger 115 pounds 12 years old

I have somone that is interested. I will e mail you. 120 lbs 11 years old. He fought in the last SoCal Pankration event in San Diego. He got smoked by Noah in his first fight ever. But, He came back and fought hard in his second fight. He has only been training 9 months but I think he can make a go of it.
I talked to him and his dad this morning and they are interested and want a little more info. before they make a final decision.


Chuck Costello
Xtreme Cage Fighter promotions/Pounders Fight Center

Cool,this will be good for the sport!I will let the promoter know.

When does connor turn 12 cause cody is almost 13 this may be too much of a mismatch maybe one of his older brothers could do it.if there is not too much weight diference.

I think they fought at pankration it was evenly matched strength if his skill has increased it would be a fare match, your call.

im 15 i can get down to 150

train at serra bjj

How long?any other style,and isnt serra in NY?
This is an exhibition,Pankration rules, in tj mexico
We are looking for a local fight,but maybe we will see you at Grapplers quest las vegas
Keep training hard!

TTT for the little guys throwin down!

What belT? LOL

serious replies only please we are trying to promote the sport safely.

and no i only train bjj

His name is Cody Tracy. He fought Noah and the red haired kid at the last pankration event. Does Your Cody train with Ted Williams?
I think My Cody lost to the red haired kid and your Cody beat the red haired kid. My Cody has been working hard and gettin better. I also have another kid that just turned 16 that is around 120-25 that Might want to do it. I think it would be an awsome chance to gain some great experience for the kids. I will get back to you as soon as I have confirmation that My Cody will take the fight.

TTT for the kids!!! The future of the sport.

Im 17 6'3 210, Ill fight someone.


we really need more tournaments and other opportunities for these young guns to compete and gain experience. We will be holding a tournament in Havasu in early summer. It will be sanctioned by SoCal Pankration which will have a website up soon. We will definately have a Youth Tournament and are thinking about an adult division for 18+.

Cody Bollinger is a stud. We would have our hands full for sure.

TTT for youth Pankration!

XCF you have mail...