Promoters who sabotage other shows

PS, I never intended to start this war. The Nelsons did because they are idiots. Id love to hear what they'd have to say if we met face to face. I bet I could have both of them crying and admitting they're liars within minutes. I had Bruce doing it over the phone before.

Oh and Debbie, would you consider it shady that Chris contacted the ISCF and asked if they knew that the NFA was holding an event on Nov 12th and told them that we werent allowed to pay more than $50 to any of the fighters? Dont try and tell me he was concerned for the sport. Concerned that fighters are getting more than $50 travel expenses with gas prices the way that they are.

Its called SABOTAGE!!! Chris Nelson is a little maggot worm and he knows it and if youre married to him then you should too!

LISTEN IRON MOUTH.. I started writing another post to you right after I wrote my last and I had to break away and do a few things.. it wasn't an insulting post but then I open a new page to check on any additional posts added and there you are doing your thing.. giving that mouth a work out! Travis I invite you to my home... PLEASE COME AND MAKE ME CRY!! Bring your FACTS! My cell is 701-793-0856 you are more then welcome to call..

AND PS .. maybe you should have never wrote your post to begin with.

Why would I call Chris's wife and get into a telephone tough guy match with you about something that you dont know anything about?

Iron mouth huh? Thats pretty clever. I better not get into a battle of wits with you. You may just scar me for life.

Tell Chris to fight his own battles. I just emailed him in regards to this matter. When I made my post about promoters who sabotage each other, I didnt name names because I just wanted the parties involved to know that I knew what was going on.

I have no money interest in the NFA. Im just helping a legit promoter do some good shows. Im only standing up for the organization that is being screwed over.

All things aside, a "businessman" hiding behind a woman (or a fake screen name claiming to be his wife for fear of reprisal is not only unprofessional, it is just plain cowardly.

If this is Chris's wife, I suggest you stop posting on here. Youre only making yourself and your husband look foolish.

As I said before, my list of references is long and respectable. What does Chris and Bruce Nelson have? The IFC? Yeah, theyve been exposed to be shady over and over again.

And Im well aware of the fact that Ive fought for the IFC. When Howard and Mike were the main guys, they were a great organization.

There would be no telephone tough match but you'd know that I wasn't Chris wouldn't you? I stand behind what I originally posted.. if you have facts.. I'd love to hear them.. but it looks to me as if you are side stepping those issues. I didn't come on here for Bruce, I don't know enough about Bruce or his past.. I just know that there won't be anything shady going on in DFC.. it's all new and as I said there is always room for improvement.. people have to start somewhere and it has been and will continue to be a legit show. I think you guys are jealous and rather then looking within to improve your show you would rather play the he said she said game and run your mouths because it what??? Makes you feel better???

The only iron on Travis' face is in his jaw! ;)