i just got off the phone with one of my training mates, and heard of several new promotions given out to members of Northside Martial Arts. And I was spewing last night about not being able to attend, cause at the very last minute I was stranded at home with no way to get down there. :(

I may be incorrect, but there were several purples given out, to Ronnie, Darko, Gavin and Andrew Hale (i may have left someone out), and browns given to Pete King and Stephen Kamphius.

congrats to all the guys, some of them being among the first few to train jiu jitsu in sydney.

enjoy your promotions while you can guys, cause im back and im gonna kick all your asses soon :)


woo hoo well done guys.

Congrats Pete

Big congratulations, some heavy belts in there, well deserved.


thanks guys, my skinny legs are feeling the wieght, i am planning to compete next year ,but i was not thinking of the brown belt division!!!

rza should be promoted from koonde to koonie.

nice one madar gendu

anyways ttt for all the boys!


ttt for the belt promotions.

e-mail daree, bisharaf?

I would just like to repeat some of what I said on
the night.
The first night I walked into Northside Manly gym
coming from a judo back ground I had never heard
of BJJ. Then Anthony Lange choked me and I think
Elvis armbarred that was even before I had the
pleasure of meeting Anthony Perosh. Ever since I
have been hooked.
It is a fanstastic sport and has been a great
journey for me.
Little did I know I stumbled into one of the best
schools in Australia with Anthony Lange as the
instructor and club mates like Elvis and Anthony
Perosh who we all know have gone on to be come
I was also fortunate to also meet and train with
Rafello Castello (brazilian brown belt) who was
here long before the thee black belts and is one of
the nicest and most genuine guys you could know
and train with.
I wish to thank these guys for their massive
contribution and support.
I would also like to thank all the guys at Northside
Martial arts and Sinosic / Perosh martial arts
especially Simon , Stu and Peter King you guys
are the best and have been there from the start.

The jouney's not finished yet but I had to stop at
this point and thank the people that made it

Stephen Kamphuis


Great stuff, well deserved!


Well done guys, Brown belt is when you truly realise that you actually know less about BJJ than you thought and you are just stoked to be apart of the scene. Well done:)


Brown Belt is when you realise that how far you've come is no where near as far as how far you have to go!


Actually Brown Belt is when you trade a pretty colour for one that looks like poo:)


yea, thank guys, dave youre right it is a great scene ,we form strong links with our training partners ,, yea we love it!!!!

Brown Belt is when you have to get dirty on the mat... :p

ttt for getting dirty:)


What a club is North Side Martial Arts, full of depth. The grading last Thursday night saw white belts of every stripe, blue of every stripe, purple and brown being awarded. What strikes me as particularly impressive is that not only is there depth of experience but also faces that have been there since the schools inception. It was an awesome scene and I wanted to personally congratulate everyone who achieved promotion and to especially Anthony Lange who has made it all happen. Not only a man who has achieved so much personally but has taken his students ttt.