Proof fighters salary 2 low (pic)

Damn times are tough when you gotta get a 2nd job as delivary guys:



thats 1 tough fuckin delivery crew

looks like a bad village people video

"Now you listen to me, you four pieces of shit. You're going to take that damned piano back, or you'll wish you never met me."

  • Last words of a disgruntled customer

they dont look like true bkue collar workers without cigarettes

i think that is trigg on the right

Rampage, Randy, Hendo and Trigg
Lmfao what are they deliverying? ass whoopings?

Best MMA Fighters pic EVA!  LOL!!!!!

LOL, where is that pic from??

"is frank trigg touching himself?? "

nice to see that you are looking at his dick

bet they fight a helluva lot better than they act....we'll see though, huh?


Jerry Stiller by armbar.

Where did that pic come from? Is rampage a delivery guy now? Somebody please help me I'm having a breakdown!!!

hahaha ttt

Trigg should never ever grow hair.


lol, I thought it was just a very good photoshop at first.

Shit I know I started this thread and all....but does anyone know where that pic is from???? ;)

Hendo also posted them on his myspace shit

How is it that Trigg is the smallest guy, but has the biggest head?