Proof MMA is safer than boxing


no proof there, not even good statistics. You have deaths all the way back to the 1700s when boxing was far far different than today. Also in the more recent listings (like 2 of the four deaths in 2006 alone) happened while sparring, and not even in a competition.

So if we are using those numbers, youd have to eliminate the non-competition deaths in boxing listed and for MMA include all martial arts going back to thier roots since it is done for boxing.

Now you could compare deaths in competition during the first 5, 10 years etc of the modern version of the sport, compare the number of matches and gain insite, but this was not done.

no proof there.....

"Besides, what's wrong with dying? It might be really cool....trippy, I bet."

Hmm, valid point!

"lol at MMA ever catching up to boxing "

"in popularity i mean "

Ive watched this sport grow from infancy in real time. Ive been a boxing fan for twice as long. I think MMA will surpass boxing in the next ten years or less.