PROOF that Bones pokes purposely!!!

Sorry that I can't post a pic so I need a blue to help a rooster out...

In the linked photo you will see our beloved champion Jon Bones Jones aiming straight for the left eyeball of Glover.
That's a dirt dog for ya. And I have to admit that I USED TO be a fan of the Boney one. Not anymore my friends. Not anymore.

Oh. Ok then. Phone Post 3.0

Rouseys mole - Stfu Phone Post 3.0

and a good morning to you as well.

Jones does eye pokes intentionally. I have proof. It is because I don't like Jon Jones.

I was just scrolling through the frame, and couldn't help but think "You know what this forum needs? Another Jones eye poke thread".....

Thanks, man.

funny that people think that I'm being serious.

Who cares if its intentional after the first 30 or so intention is not relevant. Phone Post 3.0