Proper hand wrapping for MuayThai?

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Proper handwrapping in Muay Thai is exacty identical to that of boxing.

Running the handwraps between your fingers only serves two purposes:

1. uses up all the excess material from the longer wraps.

2. helps prevent the handwraps from unraveling as you work out.

There is no real "proper" way to lace them between your fingers. It isn't necessary and does nothing to lend support to the rest of your hand or wrist.

Khun Kao

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Ive found a couple of boxing sites that show instructions how t o wrap hands, but they dont seem to lace the wrap between each finger.

Is there a site or possibly a good example of how to wrap my hands correctly?

Any help would be appreciated

I have to disagree with Khun Kao on this one. Lacing between the fingers correctly adds a good amount of support to your wrist and the bones of your hand.

Just my opinion of course.

Perkdog, tape through the fingers is better than taking the wrap through the fingers. If you wrap your hand right, you should have an open palm a the end. Tear 5 to 6 inch long strips of 1 inch athletic tape. Tear the one inch part in half to make them half inch wide. Take a strip straight up between your middle fingers, twist it at the point it go's in between the fingers to make it thinner, the tuck it under the handwrap area below your knuckles. Do that for each space in between your fingers. Sorry if I wasn't clear about the tucking part, it's kind of hard to explain in written words. The handwraps between the fingers are sometimes too thick, and they end up spreading your fingers apart when you try to make a fist. You can use the athletic tape in strips like I mentioned, and it'smch thinner. Remember to pull everything forward and down. If you use the wrap and pull it through your fingers, don't take it under the palm and pull it upward through the fingers. Again, this is another thing that's hard to explain, but I see alot of people do this when they wrap their hands. The pulling upward kind of counteracts the basic motion of making a fist, which is pulling everything inward. Hopefully that helped..sorry if I couldn't explain it better.