Proper mechanics of the Rear Choke

I was wondering about the fine details of the rear choke.

Make sure elbow is in front of windpipe
Grab your own arm... shoulder if you can?
Hand behind opponent head (or yours)? palm up or down?
squeeze your shoulder blades together?
Expand your chest?
Push your elbows together?

I know it gets taught both ways ;but, here's a method I like.

Try putting the second hand behind the head and lowering the arm to the hand that is around the neck instead of grabbing the arm first then reaching behind the neck. It's a lot easier to get the proper position quickly (esp when the guy has a thick neck) .

One useful concept when applying the rear naked choke is this:

First squeeze DOWN (towards his navel)
Then squeeze IN (towards his spine)
Then squeeze UP (towards his head)

This is a bit like popping the head off of a daisy; sort of a fishhook shaped movement. It really intensifies the choke

Stephan Kesting

those are some good tips for the choke stephan cant wait to try it.

Thank you
Excellent tips.

Once you have the position. Apply by bringing your elbows together. Not by squeezing at your hands.

See and also the level 1 series 1 clips at