Proper Screenplay Writing?

can any of you writers suggest any books that show the "proper" way
to write a screenplay?

By some weird turn of events I've been charged with writing one and
I've never done this before. I'm a sound editor/designer by trade but
also have a degree in English. Never thought I'd have to use this ever

I was looking for books that further discussed how to establish scenes,
p.o.v's for camera's, multiple cameras, etc. Books on screenwriting
theory would be good, too.

How much subliminal thought should be in the scene establishments?
Should it be minimal because the character's motivation isn't
something that the director has to worry about when he shoots?

Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated!

"Screenplay" by Syd Field and "Story" by Robert Mckee are the basic
mechanical screenwriting books. I think there's another popular one by
Lew Hunter, but I haven't read that one. These books will answer many of your formatting/style questions.

There are screenwriting software programs that will handle the formatting
for you. The industry standard is called Final Draft.