Proposed new Knee rules for UFC

What do you guys think of this?

Since change comes slow, I think it would be good for the UFC to take a step forward toward allowing more knee strikes with an intermediate rule for the moment.

Knee strikes to the head are allowed as long as your opponent isn't on back or his side.

I'm tired of seeing wrestlers shoot in on strikers, the striker sprawls out with perfect position to deliver knee strikers, and they have to let it go because of the rules...where, often, the wrestler just keeps shooting in until he gets it.

Wrestlers do worse in pride because there are more consequences for a failed shoot, especially versus a guy with good knee strikes. I can only imagine what Wanderlei's career would look like if he would have been prevented from kneeing guys' faces that failed shoots.

Now that Pride is coming the Las Vegas, the UFC needs to figure out a good way to adapt the rules to make the sport better. Allowing certain kinds of knees would make the sport more exciting and cut down on Lay'n'Pray fighters like Rashad.

So, what you guys think? New knee rules or stay with what they got? If new, what kind of knee rules would you think the UFC should push for?

It doesnt have anything to do with the UFC. Its sanctioned by the NSAC. UFC has no power there

The UFC can pressure the NSAC to change it for the better.

The UFC just lobbied to have knees banned, and proclaimed they were too dangerous... consider knees gone forever from sanctioned MMA in the U.S...

Wrestlers don't do as well in Pride because theres no cage to pin your opponent against.

Kung Fu thrives in Pride.


"Wrestlers do worse in pride"

People like to say this but there's not much basis for it. Guys like Arona and Filho follow a wrestling-esque gameplan and do very well for themselves. The same goes for Hendo, Ishida, Kawajiri. Who are all these wrestlers who have gone to Pride and failed horribly?

Don't see the UFC wanting knees kicks allowed in any way shape or form
to a downed opponent. When Pride was coming to the U.S., they lobbied
hard that these moves were too dangerous to allow in hopes of keeping
Pride out.

I am for it. Fewer rules the better.

Yeah, there's plenty of great wrestlers in Pride that do or did well... Hendo, Coleman, Gomi, Kawajiri, Arona.

In fact you may see more td's if knees were thrown... I can see Monson catching a leg of Sylvia's and pushing for the td had big Tim wanted to make space to throw knees.

TC is correct.

"Hendo, Coleman, Gomi, Kawajiri, Arona"

Only one of the guys you mentioned is a pure wrestler and that's Coleman. Hendo and Gomi use their wrestling (for the most part) to keep fights standing so they can KO their opponent. Kawajiri and Arona are both submission fighters with good take downs.

As far as knees are concerned: I would love to see the NSAC allow knees to a downed opponent, but the reality is it will probably never happen. It changes a fight when guys are allowed to do anything or their feet but are then subject to 'modified' striking rules on the ground. For the UFC/NSAC to allow elbow strikes and not knees is just silly IMO.

Greco Style Wrestling works better in Pride than Freestyle or Folkstyle, shoot for the legs tactic. But that's just starting to become the norm. The best MMA freestyle wrestlers wiere Coleman, Randelman, Kerr, etc. guys with superior athleticism and power. Greco and Judo works better for everyone else.

"Hendo and Gomi use their wrestling (for the most part) to keep fights standing so they can KO their opponent."

When it's in their favour... That's part of the reason they're great modern fighters, they their gameplan accordingly depending on their opponent. Kawajiri and Arona play a very wrestling esque game too... Hasn't Arona got like two sub in his whole career?

Its a sport now, its not no holds barred.

Saying 'no knee strikers favour the wrestler' makes little sense since UFC has strandups for stalling. All the bottom guy has to do is hold on and he's back on his feet.

Ban elbows as well I say - stops cuts and makes the top guy have to sit up more to throw a strike and open up submission/reversal attempts. ie Pride.

Its entertainment now, not fighting.


"Kawajiri and Arona are both submission fighters with good take downs."

Please, they are both ground and pound fighters that rarely finish by submission.