Proposed Rule Changes

Now that the UFC is getting huge, it has room to lobby for more rule changes and to rethink some of it's rules.

A. No Stand-ups, 10% purse deduction yellow cards instead.

Reason 1. Like Joe Rogan said, the rounds are only five minutes. You got a stand-up on the way anyway.

Reason 2.Keep the sport about the sport, and not about the spectacle. Fans that love the sport for the spectacle are the ones that boo at the ground game. Fans that love the sport for the sport are the ones that appreciate patient fighters, and letting the cards fall where they may vs. a ref standing the guys up. I'm sure basketball would get crazy ratings if they were loose about throwing elbows near the basket, but they aren't because they respect the sport, and won't lower it to spectacle.

Reason 3. People will learn to accept moments of non-action as they learned to accept time outs in football, or the down time in baseball. Look at boxing...people learned to accept and even celebrate defensive fighters that don't work for a knock out.

Reason 4. The 10% purse yellowcards will help push fighters to make something happen WITHOUT having to artifically reset them. If you have to do it multiple times FINE.

Reason 5. A lot the reason things slow down is because fighters work for the stall for the stand-up instead of the escape or the sweep. You give them no chance of getting stood up, you'll see less stalling.

B. Allow knees to the head in all positions, minus to the back of the head.

Reason 1. It will create more room for action on the ground as they'll be more opportunities to do something, even from the bottom (Renzo vs. Frank?)

Reason 2. They'll be less room for "lay and pray" fighters to succeed as the price for a failed shot might be getting stuffed and eating heavy knees to the face from a turtled position.

Reason 3. From all the fights we've seen in Pride where they allow knees, there really hasn't been a case of it causing the type of damage to merit banning them.

Reason 4. It's dumb to allow knees to the head during stand-up, where fighters have gotten knocked out and had their faces rearranged(rich franklin?), but never really seriously injured, and not allow them on the ground.

C. Change the it where you don't have boxing judges, but legit MMA judges. Along with that, develop a much more clear criteria for judging MMA fights.

Reason 1. It's only a matter of time before there's a bad decision in a big fight that ends up hurting the sport. Don't wait for a disaster before you make changes.

Reason 2. If MMA is going to be a mainstream, accepted sport it needs to be more professional. The judging system is amateur and makes all of MMA look bad.

Reason 3. Bad decisions hurt everyone involved..they make paper champions, bitter losers, and leave more new questions than answers.

D. Allow Gi-type pants or jacket, if that's what a fighter wants to wear

Reason 1. Because we know enough about the sport to know that they're not really a clear advantage or disadvantage, so what's the big deal?

Reason 2. It lets the fighters decide what's right for them. If they prefer one over the over, the ball is in their court. If that's how they choose to represent they're martial art roots, fair enough.

E. Same day weigh-ins should be mandatory along with a less formal weigh-in right before they step into the cage. The second weigh in right before the fight should be allowed to be used by judges as criteria for making a decision. I heard Tim Sylvia might have been over 285 pounds fighting Couture...he lost, but what the hell is that?

Reason 1. Rewarding a fighter that knows how to cut weight better than another is bullshit. It's basically being better at a form of accepted cheating.

Reason 2. A fighter walking in to the cage at 185 pounds, who spent most of his time training at that weight, fighting for a title to see who's the best 170 fighter is bullshit. Especially when it's against a fighter that is in fact 170 pounds, training and fighting.

Reason 3. I never want to see another fighter lose a fighter because they cut too much weight. I heard a lot of people say that at Franklin vs. Silva, as Franklin walked into that cage dehydrated. Dehydration also leads to fighters gassing early and embarassing the sport as they flail around in the late rounds like bar room drunks.

Reason 4. Cutting weight is dangerous. I can't remember that statistic of how many sport fatalities were related to weight cutting. All it takes is one in-ring fatality to set back all of MMA a few years.

F. Stricter penalities for fence grabbing. If a guy is going for a take down on you and you blatantly fence grab, stop the fight, put the guy in your guard, and count it as a take down on the score cards. That is, unless the guy is already on his way down. Even then, give him possibly one warning before you yellow card his ass for 10% of his purse.

Reason 1. It has become way too common and has prevented a lot of hard earned take downs. In some fights, that's a hell of a lot of energy that just got wasted.

Reason 2. Fighters should know better by now. This is not a new rule.

Reason 3. It's a form of cheating that hurts the sport. When it's a rule on the books and it keeps getting broken, it looks bad.

Maybe there needs to be comprimises...for example, you can only knee to the head as long as he isn't on his back, or you can knee to the head except if his head is pinned against the cage on the opposite side of the strike, or something like that for the rules to move in this direction. Sometimes it can be really difficult to change the rules, but at least we and the UFC should be trying. Think five or ten years down the line...if we still have the same MMA rules in the U.S. I think it'll be a big mistake on the part of the UFC and the other MMA organizations.

Regardless if i'm right or wrong, we should be talking about the rules to keep the sport evolving.

damn, no thoughts on this shit?

I agree with most of it but am not about

A: 10% Purse Dedustions
some fighters are only making 2/2 or 3/3, start taking more of their money and it's ridiculous.

B: Same day weigh-ins
I kind of agree but then some fighters will still have to cut a few pounds to make weight atleast with day before they get a chance to recover.
a fighter who walks at say 193 will either be a small LHW or have to cut some to make MW.

Same day weigh-ins will do nothing to discourage athletes from cutting to make weight. It will just lead to having fighters in the arena that have not had time to re-hydrate and we will see more brain injuries due to dehydration and more lackluster performances for the same reason(s).

I think same day weigh-ins will only work when there are more weight classes.

I pretty much agree across the board. A couple I think would be hard to get to work however as a target I like the points.

On the way ins thing, multiple weighins is the solution, weigh in 2 wks out, night before and on the day. At each stage you are allowed to be x% over until on the day you have to be spot on the weight.

They should get rid of the standups, but they don't need yellowcards, either. Just let the guys fight the way they want to fight, and let the judges score it accordingly.

I don't mind the stand ups, i just mind the use of them. They should only be used in real no action situations, there's a fine line, but I think a lot of refs are going over it. They're standing up way too early. Maybe the very act of a stand up leans way to much into ref discretion, and they shouldn't be used, that's a fair argument.

I just would like it where they became the exception not the rule. It seems in any fight where there's any sort of ground action you see stand ups. There's no way they should be that common. There's so many of them i agree with. If someone wants to strike from inside someone's guard, let them. It seems only they let Tito do it.


I should've been more specific with the weigh-in rule change.

Weight in Number 1: Traditional weigh in that we've always been used to with all the same rules.

Weigh in Number 2: In addition, right before you walk outside to go fight in the cage/ring, they weigh you again. This weigh in cannot prevent you from fighting or fighting for a belt unless it's a serious percentage above the limit. BUT (big but), that second weigh in is given to the judges and is allowed to tilt a decision. The fact that some fighters are out there fighting with an advantage due to weight-cutting ability is bullshit and the judges should be aware if the other fighter is out there with a handicap.

As far as 10% purse deductions being harsh on fighters who are getting paid jack and crap, I hear that. But, they're getting paid for action and if they're going to stall, they deserve to lose purse. But, if you rrreeally have a problem with it, a fair rule might be purse deductions can never reduce a fighters purse below a $2,000 miimum or something. It cuts a break for the less elite fighters trying to make it, but gives no slack to the more successful ones.

And I think we should give "10% purse yellow cards/knees allowed/no stand-ups" a try for a while to see if it can work. Maybe it'll suck and we'll need to bring back stand-ups, but I think it's worth trying for a while. As long as there's ANY form of stand-ups, fighters are going to try stalling tactics to see if they can get one, versus trying to escape, submit, or sweep.

Weight cutting is part of the sport .... leave it be.

Great initial post man. Awesome actually.

This goes back to what's more important: the spectacle or the sport. To some fans, ya, ground fighting is boring and quick stand-ups make them happy, but it's less pure. When you have fighters stalling for ref intervention that makes it less about one-on-one competition, and more about relying on a third party to save your ass.

And, again, imagine ground fighting with knees to the head, no chance of being stood up, and 10% purse yellow might actually be pretty damn exciting. I think it's a HUGE and bad assumption to think the stand-ups are that critical to keeping the sport growing.

As far as "weight cutting being part of the sport so leave it", that's bad logic. If it's there it should be there to help the sport be better, and like I said, it generally makes things worse, not better.

thanks, pulsar


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Good points with good ideas to back it up but FRAT next time! Get to the

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I agree 110% well writen on top of that