Props to Bendo. Amazing performance.

He owned Nate Diaz and I thought it would be a 5 round all out brawl. Diaz did look off once his eye was messed up, but Bendo would have won anyway, and Diaz's eye was messed up cause Bendo is that good.

I don't think Pettis will have anything for this version of Bendo. Someone said Bendo would give GSP a good fight, and honestly I think he does. In my opinion he could easily hang with the top 170 lb'ers if he chooses to, the guy is smooth, fast and powerful.

He is peaking right now, and I think he holds that belt for awhile. His body is built for this division, it will be hard for anyone on earth to beat him, including Gil, Alvarez or Pettis.

It's funny, when I was watching that fight, I too was thinking that a benson/georges fight would be a helluva scrap. +1 on that