Props to Bisping

For stepping up and taking the fight against a fighter in Rashad that he will most likely lose to when Tito wouldn't do it. Kinda makes up for his arrogance after his win against Hamill.

Screw Bisping. 

tito is still negotiating is contract. god forbid he doesnt want to get dropped after one more fight with rashad.

"tito is still negotiating is contract. god forbid he doesnt want to get dropped after one more fight with rashad."

So Tito has one fight left on his contract and he won't take it until they guarantee him a new deal? I can only imagine what stipulations he wants in the new contract, I guess a guaranteed 4th fight against Ken and a guarantee that he won't have to fight anyone with a winning record.

I don't really want to see Tito fight Evans yet. It will be more interesting to see TITO And Rashad fight 4 fights from now.
Bisping/Rashad is a good matchup.

"lol @ win over hamill. where you been? obviously didn't see that fight."

I saw it and while I didn't particularly agree with the judges decision it is listed as a win on Bisping's record.

Why does a fighter deserve "props" for finally fighting a step up? Nobody wants to see him punch cans or fight inexperienced fighters forever. Screw props, I say "finally."

"to spin this into ducking is fucking ridiculous."

I guess you are right, it's not like Tito has a history of using contract issues to avoid fights against people that he thinks he has a good chance of losing to....

"on top of that, everybody saw the rashad fight, everybody knows what really happened. of all people, rashad is not a worry."

I guess you are right again, it's not like Tito was turtling up getting pounded on by Rashad when the final bell rang.....Anyway you just keeping wearing your flaming shorts and punishment clothing t-shirts when you workout at the gym, it really will make people think you are tough. Don't forget to do your gravedigger routine whenever you beat someone at a game of Madden online either....

rashad will send bisping to 185

jacinto, i see what your saying, but that is really all rashad did. and you want to talk about just that? how bout how tito controlled the pace while rashad was doing the harlem shake? yeah tito cheated and the draw was deserved, but rashad didnt do enough to win the fight, thats why it was a draw.

a rematch is needed, but why should tito take it before getting his contract finished and if he is hurt? makes sense to me.

I am not saying their first fight was a barnburner, and I am not saying that either one of them looked dominant over the other. It was very close, I just think that if Tito said they should rematch then they should rematch. I don't expect Tito to take the fight if he is injured and I know I have taken a few jabs at Tito on this thread but I am mainly disappointed in him more than anything else. I think that he had a lot of ability as a fighter back when fighting was his main priority. My main point of this thread though was that it was surprising that Bisping would even take this fight as he doesn't match up well with Rashad at all.

Tito himself didn't mention contract issues. He said on this forum he didn't want to fight at 75% anymore, and that he wanted more time to rehab himself. He also said a couple of weeks ago that his contract has been renewed, and that he was dealing directly with the Fertittas.

How "contract issues" can be interpreted from that doesn't make sense.