Props to Chuck

I just wanted to give some props to Chuck Liddell. Below is the Maxfighting Top 10, LHW ranking. Chuck has fought all of the guys in the top 7 except Vanderlei (and himself). That's what being an active, A-level fighter is all about and I hope to see him fight a lot more in the future and hope he gets paid what he's worth.

Light Heavyweight:
1) Vanderlei Silva (25-3-1)
2) Randy Couture (12-6-0)
3) Quinton Jackson (20-4-0)
4) Chuck Liddell (14-3-0)
5) Vitor Belfort (12-3-0)
6) Tito Ortiz (11-4-0)
7) Renato Sobral (21-5-0)
8) Yuki Kondo (41-13-5)
9) Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (7-1-0)
10) Alistair Overeem (17-4-0)

ttt, Chuck is the man.


Chuck's got the best record against the most consistently high level of opposition of any fighter out there.

Though that list is kind of a mess. Obviously yet another ranking where they put Dan Henderson in a weight class they think he should fight, rather than the one in which he actually fights.


I think they're the best rankings out there, and I think it's right to put Henderson, Busta and Sakuraba as middleweights.

It's important to establish standard cross-event brackets when ranking fighters, and the problem is that Pride has very wide brackets.

All three fight in Pride as "middleweights", but they are all natural 185lb fighters who don't bother to cut when weighing in in Pride because they don't need to, and thus weigh in between 185-195lbs.

If these guys fought in the UFC, all three would fight as middleweights, and since almost all rankings use the UFC (Nevada) weight brackets, it's appropriate to rank them there. Busta is probably the biggest of the three, and he can still make 185lbs without trouble.

It seems silly to put guys like Sak, Henderson, and Bustamante on a ranking chart with guys (185lbers) that they don't fight now and presumably will never fight in the future, rather than with the guys (205ers) that they fight (and often beat) consistently. I wouldn't at all assume that Sakuraba would fight at 185 if he ever fought in the UFC, and personally I think Bustamante would be Couture's toughest opponent at 205 (unless they brought over Rogerio Nogueira).

It just doesn't make sense to group the fighters by the weight someone else thinks they "should" fight at, rather than by the weight they actually do fight at.

chuck is a bad dude... fights anyone and doesnt seem to be mentally effected by losing the occasional fight.