Props to Clay Guida.Warrior!!!..

I just watched Clay Guida's fight with Josh Thompson, and man he did a great job! What a Warrior coming through a tough loss in KOTC to Younker, and then to mentally rise to the occassion and beat a very good fighter in Josh Thompson. I just believe Guida deserves a lot of Recognition for this, and a lot of times people don't see what goes on in a fighters life before fights, tough losses, personal stuff ect.. And for him to accomplish this decisive decision shows this guys mental toughness!!! Congrats Guida. jason reinhardt

I saw the fight live & would like to watch it again.Is there a DVD out,or did you see it on t.v ? (Fox Sports Net) 

I haven't been able to watch that link. It loads for like 2 seconds and
then just stops..


I think it was a big win too...haven't seen the fight yet but Josh Thompson is NO JOKE!

Guida needs to give Joe Jordan a rematch to settle the score IMO. It's a match ppl want to see..i know i'll buy a ticket!


ttt for guida making us all proud at g2


clay is a great wrestler, with unbelievable drive and stamina. I can't wait to have him living under my roof. He's going to fit in very well, and improve greatly in a short period of time. Just a prediction.

guida doesn't owe Jordan anything. time for him to get
into the big show.

well it seems there is controversy over eye poking, etc...i think it's a rematch midwest guys want to see. joe jordan is 22-8 or something like that..not too shabby himself plus he trains at MFS. Joe is more than worthy.



joe should re match bart first imo

I didn't realize there was controversy in Jordan's and Clay's fight. I do remember now reading about it.

I hear he may be moving.

Bart trains at MFS, Joe trains at MFS...probably won't happen anytime soon.


Gilbert Grappling team always seems to be followed with drama. Guidas's win over the punk is three months ago. Their must be more current gossip??

clay is g2 for life no way he is leaving gilberts everyone there is like a family.

g2 4 life bitches

Guida will soon be training with a former UFC champ from what I hear.

wasn't eye gouging. Clay was rubbing his fingers in Josh's cut, which he got a point deducted for, yet continued to do through the end of the match.

He did beat up Josh that night though.

Ya it was a big win but you would think that if he wants to make it to the big show then he would rematch Tristen Yunker to prove that loss is something he can overcome. Yunker is pretty new to the game it looks and beat Guida by RNC. Guida should rematch him first.