props to cops

Cops usually suck. At least in my experience, until recently, they've never really done anything good for me. Well I believe in giving credit where it is due and I want to send a thank you to all LEOs but in particular the OCSO.

Long story short, somebody broke into my truck and stole my .357 hand cannon from what I thought was a "secret" stache spot (like a $500 gun). Never thought I would see it again but I figured I'd report it just in case. Got a call from a deputy that they found it in a felons possesion. Went and picked it up today.

Anybody else got any stories of the law doing anything good for them?

my only run in with cops is acting like "i have nothing to hide", when i walk by them, which probably makes me seem suspicious.

I get done some the cop hate because the media does perpetuate it imo. But I know a lot of cops and they're all just like me. They are a little jaded but that comes with the territory of dealing with the shit everyday. Phone Post

Trying hard to think of something....  Let me sleep on it.  

Props to anyone who does their job Phone Post

Cops are like only call them when the shit hits the fan...

They only show up when your life is shit..


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Props to anyone who does their job Phone Post

I guess you've got a point. Maybe I'm just overly stoked to get something back I didn't plan on getting back.