Props to Dana White

Dana White Deserves major props.

He seems very dedicated, and emotional about his work. A bit like Phil Baroni, if Baroni were a business man.

Under his management the companny got on PPV, fighters had TV apperances, TV show finally got made, UFC movie is in developent, all while UFC had a great number of hit shows.

Fighters fight, but it's the president who is the engine that makes UFC what it is, and Dana white is the most important person for MMA in North America.

Keep up the good work, Dana.

Yes he has done an excellent job. Dont compare him with a fighter who hasnt won since UFc 39 though.

Exactly, fuck the trolls, fuck the naysayers... Since Zuffa took over, the UFC has grown greatly.

ttt. i agree, i dont agree with all of the things that have changed, but all in all, he has done a great job.

The UFC has come a long way under Dana. But I can't see the Baroni comparison either. A dedicated fighter wouldn't hit the ref. That's an out of control fighter who is willing to jeapordize his career and make the whole sport look bad.

TTT all day...That's how that nigga eats.

Kai is correct.

It seems to take only a few negative messages on here to stir everyone into a negative hate frenzy. The few shouldn't overshadow that most of us are happy where Zuffa and Dana has taken MMA.

True Dat, Pulsar, True dat...

I mean Dana is very dedicated and a bit Emotional.

He is obviously more succesfull in Business then Baroni in fighting.


Look, give credit where credit is due. THE FANS! It's the fans that stuck with it and still have not given up. Dana deserves some credit, sure. He also deserves some flack as well He needs to stay off the camera and stop using profanity (like monday night after a fighter was injured, or shall I point out the time when Baroni hit the ref and dana is all over the camera, using the F bomb. Also he could be a lot more unbiased, I mean many times he's rooting for a fighter or taking sides.
I dont want to ruin the mood oif the thread, but Dana should be getting on here and saying "no dont thank me, thank the fans". After all, it's the fans that shall decide if this sport makes, and the fighters. Theres been many mistakes in the last few years. Look how many champions the UFC has let go, Busta, Penn etc..only to force feed us average talent and usually pure strikers at that, (Robbie Lawler, Wes Simms Heavy weight division) Sighn the big fighters and stay out of the limelight, dont be overpowering and a control freak, thats the presidents job.
Thanks to the fans.

lol at the simple minded trolls on this thread. If anyone points out the mistakes that have been made, then they are dickheads or fucks. And apparently the fans and fighters had nothing to do with any success thus far, it's all dana. The guy that said "look where Dana has taken MMA" a few posts up is simply ignorant. Some people are just simple minded, they're all "ya, we got a tv show, Dana White is the greatest thing that ever happened to mma" Again I'll say this is due to the fan base and the fighters, as well as the fact that this sport is exploding everywhere. It's great we have a tv show, props to Dana, AS WELL as everyone else involved. Hopefully this works, hopefully Dana stays neutral, off camera,keeps a clean mouth when on tv and gets better fighters (Penn, Sherk etc..) that there is no excuse not to have, when they are begging to fight in the UFC.

Ron Burgundy, the true fans that were with the sport in the dark ages (Pre-Zuffa, no PPV) deserve thanks for not letting the sport die

Dana White and everyone at Zuffa deserve credit for getting the UFC back on PPV, getting fighters on shows like BDSSP and Carson Daly, and making the reality show on Spike TV a reality. They made that stuff happen...not the fans.

Props to Dana and everyone at Zuffa for what they've done with the UFC. They brought a sport that was going nowhere and have taken it mainstream.

BJandCabbageFan said it best..."Dana White is a hero to any true UFC fan"

I don't get the Phil Baroni comparison either...LOL

ttt test

Redneck, SEG is the company that ran the UFC into the ground.

The first UFC's got around 300,000 PPV buys. UFC 29, the last one before Zuffa took over, got like 5,000 buys.

Zuffa has made some progress since then I would say :)

I predict UFC 52 will break the UFC PPV record

Actually, with the way things are going...maybe UFC 51 will break the record

ttt for Dana

Fans are great, they are customers.
They will buy shows, may be. They will support the sport, may be.

Will they take responsbility for the sport, not a chance.

Dana and Fertita brothers bought a fledging company and worked very hard on pushing and pushing it forward.

Dana dserverves far more credit for the progress of the UFC then any fan, or group of fans.

LOL at redneck stiring the pot.

He is just having fun.

In the mean time, Dana is working :-)


I'd hate to think where the UFC would be without Dana and the boys and so you should you.