Props to Felicia Spencer

Seems lots of fighters end up fighting just twice a year once they win the title or break into the top five, its just the way it goes, years in the sport create injury/surgery/rehab cycles and big fights featuring top five fighters and champs get spread out between cards these days.

Spencer though, only 6-0, went out last May and subbed Anderson, turned around and took Cyborg the distance last July and TKOed Dos Santos in Feb.

She was set to fight Nunes on 5/9 at 249 but Nunes backed out.

That would have been fights vs Anderson, Cyborg, Dos Santos and Nunes in a single year.

Few if any (Patricio Pitbull is another) highly ranked fighters fight three let alone four times a year these days.

Props to Spencer.

Felicia Spencer “disappointed” in Amanda Nunes fight cancelation, believes it’ll happen in early June

“I was definitely disappointed because when you get a date you work to be ready. In my head, I was preparing to fight in three weeks. We’ve been jumping through hoops to be ready, doing things on my own. I was ready to get the fight done and go along my way. It was disappointing that it would be extended,” Spencer said to “It’s also not extended to the point where I can just relax, it’s just a few more weeks like another month. Maybe I’m six weeks out, maybe I’m seven weeks out, it’s not far enough away that I can pull back. It is going to be an extended camp. I’ll be training for this fight for like 11 weeks now.”

What makes it more difficult for Felicia Spencer is the fact she doesn’t know when the fight will happen. She jumped into this fight camp immediately after her UFC Norfolk win, so she says this delay will have a negative impact on her body.

“I think it is harder on my body as I had an eight-week fight camp for Norfolk. I then had two weeks off got the fight offer and had another eight-week camp,” she explained. “Now, I’m just going to have to stay in camp and be in it for an undermined amount of time. It may be a 12 or a 15-week camp and that will be harder on my body. I can’t take a break right now because I’ll be fighting in June probably. It’s too late to take a break so it would’ve been nice to know a month ago, so if she had no intention of fighting on May 9 I wish she would’ve said it sooner. It is what it is.”

Spencer says the UFC has told her early June is the ideal time for the fight to take place. She also hopes they will become the main event and add more eyes to the scrap.

Although she was prepared to fight on May 9 she says there was no talk of an interim title fight or taking another fight on the event. So, the plan is to still fight Amanda Nunes for the featherweight title sometime soon.

“There was never any talk of that. I don’t think the fans would want that either. With the fight with Amanda being maybe just postponed a month, an interim title wouldn’t be the right move,” Spencer concluded. “I don’t want an interim fight, I want Amanda and sooner rather than later.”

She showed a lot of heart vs Cyborg IMO and became only the second woman to go the distance with her over the past decade.

I know its not much of a division but you got to give her credit for being willing to fight Anderson, Cyborg and Nunes (plus someone else) all within twelve months.

Prior to that she captured the Invicta title from the current FW champ.Sorenson.

love Felicia

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Nunes vs Spencer has been booked for June 6th.

I think Nunes will open an 8-1 favorite but I'd love to see a Spencer upset here.

Can't imagine Spencer having much for Nunes, unless Amanda takes her too lightly. 

Taco Muncher -

Can't imagine Spencer having much for Nunes, unless Amanda takes her too lightly. 

At the time, she was only 6-0 when she fought Anderson.