props to matt serra

i just wanted to give serra props for being a cool cat. i met him at gq on saturday. i just introduced myself and he was like "hey what's up? i'm matt. what division are you in? where you from, who do you train with? etc" he then told me about his upcoming fight with mednivar in ufc. matt is a VERY cool cat. the bitch of it is i had to go against one of his students in the first round. he was there pumping his guy up which was equally cool. he is a class act. big ups to matt serra and much respect to his guy shawn for giving me a fit.

Serra really impressed me with his attitude after the BJ Penn fight. He must have been frustrated inside but sucked it up and showed real class. Too bad that didn't make a bigger impression on the UFC..

Matt is the nicest guy at the events to talk with. I hate it when we have fighters going against each other..but he is always cool. We coached our guys sitting side by side and even chatted during the bout. Wish I lived closer so I could train with the Serra Brothers.

I cant wait to see him back in the UFC next month!! He is a fighter that is always in there to win. He is not one that is trying to do his best not to lose.

ttt for The Terror


i fuckin love that guy too!!

He's a fuckin pimp on the ground!

Matt Serra is tttremendous.

Matt, Nick, Joe Scarola, Rodrigo, and Joe D'Arce are all great teachers and very cool guys.

saturday was my first GQ and my instructor happened to know Matt. Before I knew what was going on he climbed up the bleachers and sat with us a while. So down to earth. I have to say that other than winning my first touney meeting Matt was a big thrill.