Props to Mike Kyle

Congratulations to Mike Kyle and the AKA crew for the win tonite in the UFC.

He fought hard and showed some heart comin back from that loss to Eilers. Good job Kyle.

It also helped that his opponent decided against using a conventional boxing guard and opted for the "wave your arms around at your side" defense.

Kyle finally won one..One....

Damn Steve! Even if you hate that guy, that is pretty nasty.

I don't like Kyle either, but wow...

2 Heavyweights from the same camp, Kyle and Buentello. I thought the UFC didn't allow that?

Kyle v Gannon?

Congrats to Kyle, but seriously wtf was his opponent

The whole biting thing, the giving the fans the finger after he lost to Eilers thing.....the guy just isn't worthy of our respect when he does shit like that. I just think he gets a shot when there is more deserving guys out there.

I too dont care for Kyle in any way shape or form. He & his "Tyson-like" oral fixation. You want to see an oral fixation....Send Kyle in with "The PitBull"....and let Arlovski teach Kyle some manners.

Arlovski will give him an old fashioned Belarussian Bear raping, leg-lock him....and then before sending Kyle home to practice flipping himself off in a mirror.....Arlovski will make Kyle shave his back.....

Yes...I may sound bitter to Kyle, and that is true....dont flip us off & act like a fool if you want US to pay for your purse.

Go earn our respect enough to call for your presence in the Octagon

I think Kyle and Sylvia would be a possible matchup.

I think alot people are giving him shit for not. I dont know what to say about the simms fight,but i do know that hes a big athletic mofo.I think he does have talent and ability and seems to be working on his people skills(ala the hand shaking coming to the ring).
Also, condeming him for crying after the eilers fight is b.s. If you had ever gotten into a fight you would know that theres alot of raw emotion that sometimes cant be controlled.

I don't think anyone bagged on him for crying on this thread. I think they are baggin on him for being a jerk. He flipped off the crowd after the Eilers fight and he bit Wes Simms.

why did he flip off the crowd ? because they were booing him after giving his best and coming up short.Im not going to defend the simms bite? . I dont think biting should be condoned but that situation was strange w/ the mouthpiece and all but i def. say kyleXsimms +10 wins for kyle