Props to Mr. Ettish

I know that people have posted this before. But I want to post it again. The more I read and understand Fred's point of view on things, I really beleive we are fortunate to have him on the UG. He is well articulate, respectful, insightful, and very positive.

Thank you for your contributions and your passion for the sport.


He doesn't seem to get flustered at all from the bullshit written around here, and still manages to be respectful, well spoken, and objective.

Ettish for Prez!! If you run with Couture as your VP, you'd get my vote. =)

Yep...well mannered guy. Knows what he's talkin about!

Glad he's here...

No way! Fred Ettish is here? Direct me to a thread he's on please! Send it ttt.

When did Coleman knock Fred?

Once someone gets a little exposure to Fred, then it is a different story (me included). He has much integrity and honor.

I read a lot of Freds posts and I have learned to respect him a lot. He is a well spoken guy and has a lot of the good qualities that martial arts are known for. I hope he stays around MMA.TV Gerald Strebendt

Fred is unfailingly polite, respectful and generous. He constantly conducts himself with grace when he posts. In my mind, he is the perfect example of how a champion should behave.

Fred is an example of what many people lack in this sport: humility, respect, mutual admiration for all, & cameraderie.

Let's hope the trolls don't drive him away.


Thanks again, to everyone. The support is much appreciated.

Gerald, thanks to you and best wishes for your fights. I hope to get to see you fight one day. I hear good things and would enjoy seeing it first hand.

M P, I do not need a realator, but thanks for the offer. I will be joining my lady who lives down their and owns a home already. I will be looking for work, though, so if you know of any high paying jobs with minimum work that doesn't require a lot of brains and gives me plenty of time off to work out, put in a good word for me.

Does that goofy site actually knock Coleman, too? Wow, I am honored to be mocked with a true legend of the sport. That is pretty good company. I can't believe that people would mock Mark, he's great. Me, I can understand, but Mark Coleman? Crazy.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who has posted.



TTT, Fred is the man and got a chance to do what many of us only dreamed about, Fight in the UFC! Hope he stays around here...

Fred is a great guy - I got a chance to meet him at the last ICC event. I'm putting out an MMA fanzine (1st issue should be out early June). The first issue has a great interview with him. Not sure how good the questions are, but the answers are great. If anybody wants a copy of issue #1 email me at and I'll mail you out a copy for free.

Fetal fighting systems was hilarious.

props to Ettish for having a good sense of humour!

M P:

I will be living north of the river in North KC.

I have a 4 yr. degree in Social Studies/Psychology. My most recent employment has been as a disciplinarian in a public school (past 3 school years). I worked as the Program Director for a residential treatment center for mentally ill adults prior to that, and prior to that, worked as the asst. program director in the same facility. I also do carpentry/construction, have worked as a cook, and done pretty much anything you can think of. I am not fussy as to the type of work I do. I just want to make a living and have time to train and teach. I have considered trying to get work in a health club/fitness center. I am open to anything.

Thanks a lot.


Mail sent. Thanks a lot.



Fred, I was hoping that you would email me too. I help on an MMA site and have a few questions for you.....thanks.


Mail sent.



Fred is awesome he signed my Sherk shirt at the last ICC show!

I was stoked to meet him and chat with him for a minute!

Your the man Fred sucks your moving out of MN;(