Props to Rumina Sato!!!!!

After having a VERY shaky past few years, Rumina was able to finish 2004 going undefeated in 3 wins. All of which were finished before the time limit.

Hopefully he gets off on the right foot in 05 as well.

Props to Rumina!!

ttt for Sato at 143 Lbs

I love watching Sato fight win or lose!!!!!

Sato is a talented fighter, who continues to train hard and showing in his fights. Always enjoy seeing him fight!!


I agree.

It was sort of sad to see him hit that rut where we was taking a lot of beatings. For those who were watching 6 years ago or so, this guy was easily the #1 overall fighter if you go pound for pound. Anybody know how old he is now? I hope he continues to win because he has always been one of the most entertaining fighters in MMA.

I can't believe the comeback he made. I thought for sure his career was over. He looks like a serious contender at 143 lbs.

Still kinda disappointed he didnt put up a better fight / got caught right away in Pequeno's guillotine.

I look forward for Uno to get back in there aswell.

I was a big fan of his and would scour the video store in Japan Town looking for old Shooto tapes. Haven't kept up with hiom lately but I hope his chin is a lot better these days.

ttt for one of the greatest grapplers of all time!

I would honstly like to see Rumina get a shot at Pequeno again. The only other guys at 143 that could give Pequeno are actual fight are Pulver, KID (both of whom I think would beat Pequeno prety easily) and Menjivar.

was lucky enough to get to meet rumina (as well as kawajiri and a few others) when they were out here in hawaii last year for the shooto event...

exceedingly nice guy and obviously a great fighter...
made a fan out of me right away... :)


Rumina Sato is one of my heros...


I think hes still pretty young right? like ony 26, 28 right

always been a fan,

glad to see that he's getting it all together again.

He's 31 years old.

I love Sato too.

ttt for sato

Johnny is correct. Rumina Sato was one of the first great lightweights, along with Yuki Nakai, Noboru Asahi, and John Lewis. It's pretty surprising that Rumina is still in the game, much less making a rise back to the top.

I've always had respect for Sato. He is very cool.

Best transitional grappler ever. I try and imitate the style he used. Not so much flying attacks and craziness but the way he always subbed people when they werent expecting it in the transition.