props to Silva

I thought he was gonna get steamrolled in the first. Almost took the 6-1 odds but thought that was kinda low.

He got rocked early like I thought he would, but he recovered nicely. I was afraid he couldn't take a good shot anymore after the last fight. I was wrong. He was game against a younger, stronger, hungrier opponent. Weidman is about as good as it gets in MMA. He just appears to be A level in most aspects of the game.

I don't think Silva wanted to fight him again. I don't think his people wanted the fight. Weidman is just a bad matchup for everyone. Silva still went in there, took a beating in the first but was really no worse for the wear. The fight could have went anywhere after that.

Um 6 to 1 ?

He was -160 aka bet 160 to win 100 Phone Post 3.0

We'll see how Weidman does from now on... Phone Post 3.0

ShoeMoney - Um 6 to 1 ?

He was -160 aka bet 160 to win 100 Phone Post 3.0

it was 6 to 1 for Weidman to win in rd. 1. I was hoping for around 10-1.

I would have lost either way, but I felt Weidman was gonna win in the first.