At the latest Superbrawl I was fortunate enough to have a booth showcasing the Versaclimber and some of my other training tools that I've used with fighters and 'regular' clients.

I thought it would be great to have a 1 minute challenge to see who could travel the greatest distance. Originally, the winner would receive $50 from me.

Then, TJ Thompson threw in another $50. Then, the Fokai guys threw in a shirt followed by TapOut and then PureBreed. So, the total was now $100 plus 3 T-shirts from kickass companies.

Needless to say, plenty of people came over to test themselves and I thought it was a great way to show support for MMA events, fans, and fighters.

Thanks to TJ, Fokai, TapOout, and PureBreed, for helping me out at this event. Hopefully I'll be able to do this at the next event as well!

Train hard,


TTT scrapper is the man!!!


The winner was Jamey, a guy getting ready to go to SEAL training and he went 300 feet. The world record for the 1 minute sprint is 351' and I told him he should plan on beating that very soon.

I don't have a rower, but I do have a VersaPulley and it lets me replicate rowing movements. In my opinion, it's better than a rower because it pulls back just as hard as you pull initially. So, if you pull with 200 pounds of force, it pulls back with 200 pounds of force. It kicks ass!



Thanks Kirik!

I'm planning on getting 2 more Versaclimbers and having some Team races set up for future events. Should be kickass!


That's cool of those companies to help out.

WHat's even more impressive, is that Scrapper is still around.

Your "First Date, at the Movies, Popcorn Training" really did wonders.


Great job Scrap, Fokai, and Tapout.

It was an awesome display of support for MMA.


TTT for TapOut and Fokai




Glad we could help out, that's what it's all about. Scrapper is the man
to see if you wanna get in SERIOUS shape. TTT for Scrapper!