Props to the Baldwin brothers

For supporting the sport.


I was upset and offended that they were booed.

The Baldwins are good for the sport.

Yeah! Lets fuck the Baldwins!

You know what sucks about being a Baldwin?


Hopefully the Arquette family will follow suit, and maybe even the Osmonds.

Redneck is correct. I'd like to see some of the Jackson clan at a UFC event as well.

I thought Buffer said 'celebrities'. WTF?

Fuck the Baldwin brothers. Those blame America first leftest Liberals. Can't stand them.

Baldwins got booed because some of them have made negative anti america statements,

also alec promised to leave the country forever and hasnt left yet.

how many of them were there?


A tidbit of info for everyone....

The Baldwin Bros & Phil Baroni all went to the same high school. Massapequa High School

Any extra pub is good. Even if it's from socialists.