Props to the classy guys in MMA

As I have become a new member to the UG I have noticed that there are "haters" and there are the classy guys. Regardless of any differences, we (by living in America) each have the opportunity to voice our opinions without penalty.

I have been fortunate enough (in my short time)to have met guys like the American Top Team, and Kieth Wisniewski, and Jason McDonald at UFC 49....I've also spoken to guys like Charles McCarthy, and others involved in MMA.

I cannot begin to tell you all how much respect I have for you guys and your chosen craft. From being around the guys like Marcus Aurelio, Renato Tavares, and JZ Calvancante, Liborio, and one of my favorites Marcello Silviera....I see how much work goes into being good....let alone being the best.

I know sometimes the public may view this as graphic or barbaric, but the genuine humility that you guys share as a common denominator & the lack of "tough guy attitude" is refreshing....and I know that somtimes you guys dont hear it enough...but as a fan of MMA....I just wanted to say thank you guys for doing what you do...the way you do it!




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Thank you guys very much....I & we truly appreciate the kind words

"Props to the sassy guys in MMA'


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I agree....I recently saw Minotauro do that & also get that from one of the wrestling coaches at ATT. His technique on a certain shot was sluggish & after a quick tutorial...he made a small adjustment...and was back to WHIPPING guys....he could've said...Hey, I'm Minotauro...and know what I'm doing....but instead he took the advice like a gentlemen.

MMA people and sportsmanship in MMA (for the most part)is better than most sports out there combined. I was a former soccer player for many years, and as I climbed the levels of competitive soccer in college and so on, sportsmanship levels were steadily was all about the victory.

I understand you gotta do whatcha gotta do to win....but it came to the point where I was trying to hurt people that I was playing against....and until I blew out my own knee....the comparisons of sportsmanship to me now are night & day.

I cant say enough about guys that I always bring up: Liborio, Marcello, Kieth Wisniewski, Team SteinerWear, Charles McCarthy, and to the rest of you fighters as guys really are deserving of the title....GENTLEMEN!

I respect & applaud you all!


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