Props to the Colts

Great game. Surprised me. I'll have to stop picking against them unless
they are playing the Pats. ;) I'd love to see the AFC Championship at Indy,
so Peyton has a chance to exorcise those Pats playoff demons while on
the way to the Superbowl.

It was 100000x better that the Sox had to go through Yanks in the
fashion they did to win the World Series in '04. Not that the history is as
storied, but I'd like to see Colts fans have a shot at the same type of

I'm glad for PEYTON...that RAVEN's D was killing their O LINE and JOSEPH ADAI was going no where...

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There goes my prognostication career. I picked Baltimore to win it all. Great win by the Colts.

Gotta respect the Colts with a couple of overrated & slow Big 10 Hawkeyes making huge plays for them...Dallas Clark & Bob Sanders.

ttt good win