Props to the Titans

I was at the game, and the Titans rightly deserved to win. Nevertheless, the Ravens had and blew their chance right after McCallister's interception. I was very underwhelmed by Matt Cavanaugh's play calling, and Orlando Brown has to be the stupidest player since DeWayne Rudd. It was very apparent that the Ravens sorely missed Boulware and Adalius Thomas. Their replacements, particluarly Suggs, were completely overwhelmed.

Good luck to the Titans the rest of the way.

That game was a battle defense's.That was by far the best Defense the Titans have faced all year.I was really impressed with the ravens secondary.I saw them play good against my 49er's but thought that was just Garcia playing bad..The ravens are a young team and I expect them to be back in the playoff's next year.

14 cvarries for Jamal Lewis? I know the Titans were shutting him down, but you've GOT to give the NFL rushing champ more chances than that.

The Titans were putting 8 or 9 in the Box, which makes it tough to run against..Also the ravens were left in 2nd and very long situations..It is difficult to make up the yards running the ball in those situations..The other difference in Cleveland putting 8 in the box, opposed to Tn, was that Tn is a good tackling team...The Titans were able to do the same to Ricky williams,Duece McAllister, and Stephen Davis..